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Live your dreams with Dutchie’s Second Life Furniture and Homes

Decorating your Second Life home isn’t just about filling space. It’s about the freedom to express yourself, your tastes, and your interests with every choice. Dutchie has been making the most immersive furniture in Second Life since 2008. We offer incredible ways to get lost in fantasy so you can live your dreams.

Dutchie is a virtual furniture and home decor store that offers a wide range of high-quality, beautifully designed products for Second Life homes and living spaces. We specialize in creating realistic and immersive virtual living environments, allowing Second Life residents to decorate their homes and spaces with style and elegance.

Our Second Life furniture and home catalog includes vintage and classic essentials for your bedroom, living room, kitchenbathroom, and outdoor spaces. Our designs are crafted with attention to detail, using the latest animations, technologies, and techniques to ensure a stunning experience.

Second Life furniture

Dutchie’s founder Froukje Hoorenbeek has been designing and creating virtual products for over a decade. A stickler for getting the details just right, she has spent years perfecting some of her designs. This work doesn’t pop out of a production factory; it is born from a woman’s heart.

Dutchie isn’t just a 3D furniture store. This is not just a catalog of models, but the representation of a creator pouring herself into her work and 3D art. It’s this heart that you can feel in every textured fabric, in every line of the form, and in every delightful detail of the models.

At the end of the day, these pieces are all about feeling. It’s not about how they look, what they cost, or how many prims they are. Sure, Dutchie’s designs tick all these boxes with ease. Still, what matters most is how they make you feel.

Most ambitious Second Life house

Take, for instance, the villa Utrecht, possibly the most ambitious Second Life house ever made. It’s an exquisite example of 19th Century Dutch architecture. She’s built this beautiful house to accommodate some of her most superb work.

Every room is a stunning enclosure. The house is a splendid backdrop for placing treasured pieces that tell a story of practical and straightforward good living.

Everything is original. The form, the textures, and the animations all add up,  giving a feeling of complete and satisfying immersion in a virtual environment as a result.

Oldest houseboat in the Netherlands

Or visit Dutchie’s remake of the oldest houseboat in the Netherlands, the Zwerver. Froukje took the design as inspiration for her New Amsterdam houseboat and turned it into a liveable virtual reality experience.

Other typical Dutch designs are the charming teahouse De Vecht, the quaint little waterfront cottages Loosdrecht, and the characteristically rustic but romantic dike cottages.

And there are the North Sea Coast Beach Cottages. This row of colorful beach cottages with long flowing curtains was inspired by a few vintage black and white pictures Froukje found on the website of the Dutch Rijksmuseum and turned into 3D art.

Dutch Second Life

Froukje bases her vintage designs on Dutch furniture and houses from the early 20th century. Her store is designed as a polder enclosed by dikes, the epiphany of Dutch Second Life.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is Froukje’s favorite and its collection features in Dutchie’s work often. The 3D artist finds inspiration in the large collection the museum has made available to the public domain.

The Dutch designer makes her models and textures with 3D computer graphics software like Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Marvelous Designer.

Froukje then brings the vintage Dutch 3D models and textures together in the virtual world Second Life. Here she adds the best and latest animations and technology. These interactive animated 3D furniture and house designs are for sale inside the virtual world Second Life and on the Second Life Marketplace.

Best sex animations in Second Life

Dutchie is famous for creating the very best, most beautiful, and most realistic sex furniture in Second Life. Every piece is designed to promote immersion and social interaction in virtual reality. Our erotic animations are the very best, longest, and most expressive sex animations in Second Life, and they cover a wide spectrum of sexual fantasies.

But it takes more than simply tossing in good sex animations to make people feel truly immersed during sex in virtual reality.

A female perspective

It’s the way Froukje puts them together that makes Dutchie’s virtual sex furniture unique. Dutchie specifically designs her products to convey the mood and eroticism of a certain fantasy, leading to a deeper, more immersive, and more affecting sexual experience.

The animations form long storylines, while still giving the freedom to be creative, to write your own erotic stories, and to live out your sexual fantasies.

Even more noteworthy, Dutchie makes all her erotic Second Life furniture from a female perspective. Most of the sex animations in our furniture are made by female animators.  The end result is a unique way of experiencing virtual reality sex, VR porn of femporn for women.

More about Dutchie and Second Life

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