Don’t try these unless you have made a copy of your Second Life furniture first!


Second Life avatars differ greatly in shape and size and no furniture designer can make their work fit them all. But all Dutchie’s Second Life furniture is modifyable, so if you and your partner are both tall or both shorth compared to the furniture, you can resize it, or parts of it.

Making a mattress taller in height will lower you, making it thinner will raise you. And the legs of a massage table can be lengthened of shortened for example. Or parts can be hidden under the floor. You can even make the furniture invisible and lay it over something else.

Make a copy before you start editing, then right click the item you want to modify and select “Edit”. Now it should be highlighted in blue and/or yellow. Vink in the Stretch box on the edit window. You will now see white boxes around the item. Click on these with the left mouse button and drag them towards or away from the furniture, to make it smaller or bigger.

If want to resize only parts of something, vink in the box before Edit linked as well. Then click on the part you wish to edit. You will see red, blue and green boxes as well as white boxes around it. With these, you can resize to one direction only.

Please keep in mind there are limitations to how much you can adjust animations to fit every shape or size.

Make a copy before you start modifying your furniture. Rightclick the piece of furniture, choose Edit. If you do not see tabs, unfold the menu by clicking on the bottom bar.

Choose the General tab, go to Click to: and set that to Sit on object. You may have to go back and forth between the different options a few times, to make it stick.

Make a copy of your furniture before you start modifying, then take out the lines in the AVpos notecard about the props given:

Right click on the furniture, choose Edit. Usually the engine scripts and all animations are inside the main part, if not, you have to find it by editing linked parts.

It may take a while before you see all the content loading. When it has, find the notecard named AVpos, and double click it to open it. Again, this may take a while to load.

You will find several lines inthe notecard that start with ◆PROP or ◆ITEM.

Delete the lines about the items you don’t want handed out and save the notecard without them.

Make a copy before you start modifying your furniture first. Then put the one you are going to work with in the colors of your liking and then delete the color scripts in the color changing parts:

Right click on the furniture, choose Edit, then Edit linked parts.

Then click on a part of the furniture, for example a leg, go to the content tab in the Edit menu, wait a few seconds for the content to load, then delete the Paskis CTS v1.3.1 script.

Do this for all the parts that have the coloring scripts inside. In the main engine part, it may take a while before you see all the content loading.

If you like to slow down or speed up the timing of the sequences in your furniture, you can change this in the sequence notecards.

Make a copy of your furniture before you start. Then rightclick the furniture, choose edit, go to the Content tab and wait for the content to load. This can be a while with larger engines.

Find the script with the name of the sequence you want to change, like “Loving”. In later engines these have [AV] before the name, like “[AV]Loving”. Double click on the script to open it. (If it does not open when you do this, it means the content has not loaded fully for you yet.)

This may look a little intimidating, but all you have to do is find the two strings, one with the names of the poses, one with the times for each pose:

SEQUENCE_POSES = [“all over”,”breast”,”abreast”,”finger”,”feel”,”play”,”rub”,”rub2″,”cunni”,”cunni2″,”cunni3″,”cunni4″,”faceride”,”faceride2″,”faceride3″,”grip”,”ride”,”ride2″,”cowgirl”,”cowgirl2″,”cowgirl3″];

SEQUENCE_TIMES = [60,60,90,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,60,90,60,60,60,60,60,120];

The second string is about the seconds an animation plays. Alter the times to what you like. Keep in mind, the amount of numbers in this string must match the number of the poses above.

Then save the notecard.

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