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Dutchie’s animated furniture, decor items, 3D buildings and homes can be seen, played with and purchased inside the virtual world Second Life.

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Dutchie on the Second Life Marketplace

How to shop at Dutchie

Dutchie offers general, mature and adult Second Life content in 3 different 3D departments inside the virtual world itself. We also have a store on the Second Life Marketplace.

While browsing through our catalog, you will find every product page has links underneath.

One of these links or ‘slurls’ (short for second life urls) will bring you the Dutchie department in Second Life where the design you like can be seen, tested and purchased.

The other is a link to the listing for that item in Dutchie’s Second Life Marketplace store. This way you can have your new furniture delivered to your Second Life account directly.

Visit Dutchie in 3D inside Second Life

If you have never been to Second Life before, visit us by creating a Free Second Life avatar and account on the Second Life website. Then click on one of the links above here. These will bring you to Dutchie’s Second Life polder landscape, 3D houses, and furniture store.

The top link leads to Dutchie Homes, which is accessible to all.

General, mature and adult Second Life content

Dutchie’s furniture and adult departments contain some mature and adult second life content like alcohol, smoking and sex animations. Before you can visit these departments, you have to enable access to adult-rated Second Life content in your settings.

The question if you want to access mature and adult Second Life content should pop up when you visit one these locations.

Or you can make mature and adult content accessible in your Second Life preference settings. You can adjust these settings while in Second Life by hitting Control-P. Then change what content you want to be able to see under the general settings.

We hope to see you there!