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Step into the captivating world of Dutchie, where animated furniture, exquisite decor items, and immersive 3D buildings and homes await in the virtual world  Second Life.

If you have never been to Second Life before, start by creating a Free Second Life avatar and account. Then begin your journey by clicking on the provided links, guiding you to Dutchie’s realm within Second Life.

Visit Dutchie Furniture in Second Life

Delve into 3 unique 3D departments – Home, Furniture, and Adult – each offering a diverse array of high-quality content. From classic designs to cutting-edge creations, Dutchie caters to various tastes. Discover even more on our Second Life Marketplace store for a seamless shopping experience.

As you navigate our website, each product page serves as a gateway to your destination. Click on the ‘slurl’ (short for Second Life URLs) to instantly teleport to Dutchie’s Second Life store, where you can explore, test, and effortlessly purchase your favorite designs.

> Teleport to Dutchie Furniture in Second Life

Dutchie on the Second Life Marketplace

Alternatively, visit Dutchie on the Second Life Marketplace for direct delivery to your Second Life account.

> Dutchie on the Second Life Marketplace

General, mature, and adult Second Life content

Dutchie provides a range of offerings, from general to mature and adult content. Immerse yourself in sophistication with our general collection, explore mature themes for added depth, or indulge in adult content featuring engaging animations.

To access our complete catalog, a simple adjustment in your Second Life settings is all it takes. Enable access to adult-rated content, unlocking a world of possibilities. Customize your preferences in real-time by hitting Control-P while in Second Life, tailoring your digital adventures. Then change what content you want to be able to see under the general settings.

Experience the enchanting world of Dutchie in Second Life, where creativity knows no bounds, and every visit promises a new and exciting experience. Join us in this virtual realm, and let your imagination soar. Looking forward to seeing you there!