Dutchie Second Life Furniture and Homes values your privacy and we do our best to protect it in any way we can. These are a few things we do to protect your privacy:

  • We don’t share information about your purchases
    We don’t share information about your purchases with any parties other than Linden Lab. This is also why we don’t have redelivery terminals for example. We don’t want to store your transaction information in the cloud somewhere. We secure transaction information privately, in case you need a redelivery. Read underneath for how to proceed in that case.
  • We only send notices to you, if you have subscribed to us
    We will only send you notices, if you subscribed to us by clicking on one of the subscriber boards in our store, or if you are in one of the inworld groups for Second Life content creators and customers. If you wish to unsubscribe to our notices, it is easy. Just teleport to our store and click on one of the many subscribers, or send us a mail.
  • We don’t share who our subscribers are 
    We don’t have an inworld group. It is nobodies business what Second Life groups, shops, and stores you subscribe to, so we keep your subscription to Dutchie news and updates private as well.
  • We don’t log who visits our store
    We also don’t keep any information about who visits our store, except for general anonymous information as how many visits it got per day, busiest hours and such.

For redelivery of your Dutchie Second Life furniture in case of failed transactions or double purchases, please send us a notecard or mail with the transaction information.

You can find this information in your account on the Second Life website: This is proof of your purchase, like a real-life receipt.

Please note: inworld purchases are stored on the Second Life website for only 30 days. Marketplace purchases are stored much longer and can be found here:

Send the transaction information in a notecard to Froukje Hoorenbeek or use the contact page to mail us. We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Dutchie does not have redelivery terminals because of several reasons, the most important that we value your privacy and therefore do not want to keep your purchase history in the cloud somewhere, but also because they don’t handle marketplace gift transactions well and because they are not always reliable.

The first thing you can do in case of lost Second Life inventory is simply logging in and out.

The second thing you can try to recover your Dutchie Second Life furniture is clearing cache: Hit Control P, then go to the Network tab and Clear Cache. Log out and back in and when your inventory is fully loaded, type ‘Dutchie’ in the box on top of your inventory where it says ‘Filter Inventory’.

Also helpful to make your inventory load again, is logging in with a different viewer. If you use the official Second Life viewer, try logging in with the Firestorm viewer for example, or the other way around.  More tips on inventory recovery can be found on the Second Life Wiki. The phoenix firestorm viewer also dedicated a page to recovering lost Second Life inventory.

If your items are still missing after that, we can redeliver if you send us the following information:

  • the name of the design
  • your avatar’s name and/or the name of the avatar that purchased the item as a gift for you
  • approximately when it was purchased

Please send this information in a notecard to Froukje Hoorenbeek or use the contact page to mail us. We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

There is no way we can recognize alts, only the Lindens can do that. Therefore we will not redeliver Dutchie Second Life furniture to another account. We can only deal with and redeliver to the avatar that has bought the item.

All Dutchie’s Second Life designs have mod/copy/no transfer permissions. Due to the limitations of the Second Life permissions system, it is not possible to return purchases, therefore all sales are final.

All Dutchie’s designs are available for testing inworld at Dutchie furniture, Dutchie homes or Dutchie adult, so please try them before you buy.

Dutchie only gives refunds in case of double purchases.

If you made a double purchase by accident, please send us a notecard or mail with the transaction information, as found in your account on the Second Life website: We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Dutchie has only one designer, Froukje Hoorenbeek, and she doesn’t modify designs and doesn’t do custom work due to lack of time.

All designs are only sold as they are in the store. But if you have a great idea for a design, please send a notecard or use the contact page.

All designs have mod/copy/no transfer permissions, except for the content like animations and scripts inside. That means you can modify everything about furniture, even make it invisible and lay it over other furniture.

Make a copy before you begin editing your Dutchie Second Life furniture.

Dutchie’s textures or animations are not for sale separately. The basis for some of Dutchie’s textures is made by Second Life texture creators and it would not be fair to them, other textures are handwork.

Dutchie’s models are not for sale with full permissions and Dutchie’s textures or animations are not for sale separately.

Dutchie designs are protected under intellectual property laws. DMCA notifications will be issued for infringements.

All pictures and all text on this website are made or written by Froukje Hoorenbeek and copyrighted. No text or pictures may be used in any manner without her specific permission.

It’s always possible to upgrade a PG furniture piece to a larger version of the engine with more animations. Please send the transaction information on the purchase, together with the name of the version you would like to have, to Froukje Hoorenbeek, or use the contact page. If the purchase was long ago, send us information on the first purchase like the name of the design, who purchased it and approximately when it was purchased.

There is no adult version of the villa Utrecht, because several of the engines are available in different adult versions. One of the beds comes in a hetero and lesbian version, the other in adult or bdsm and the shower also comes in an adult or bdsm version.

Owners of the villa Utrecht get a 20% discount if they take a complete upgrade, which comes to 20.000 L$.  Without the discount, a full upgrade would cost around 26.000 L$.

If you rather update only a few designs, please send us a list. We offer a 10 % discount on the first partial upgrade of your Second Life furniture.

The adult upgrades possible are:

  • adult antique art deco sofa: 2.500 L$
  • writing desk with skype menu: 200 L$
  • femdom chaise longue: 1.800 L$
  • adult interactive kitchen: 1.500 L$
  • adult scrub bucket: 1.250 L$
  • adult folding table: 1.250 L$
  • mistress and master chairs: 5.000 L$
  • iron cast bain de bateau adult: 2.200 L$
  • bondage/spanking chair: 1.250 L$
  • erotic reading chair: 150 L$

The adult pieces that are available in different adult versions:

  • Gustavian sexbed mf: 3.200 L$ or Gustavian sexbed ff: 2.700 L$
  • teak canopy sex bed: 3.200 L$ or teak canopy bdsm bed: 4.200 L$
  • vintage copper sex shower: 1.500 L$ or vintage copper bdsm shower: 2.000 L$

If you own the villa and want to upgrade, please send a list of which upgrades you would like to purchase to Froukje Hoorenbeek, or use the contact page.

The adult upgrades possible for the polder cottages are:

  • clawfoot bathtub adult: 2.200 L$
  • biedermeier living room set adult: 2.100 L$

Available versions of the bed:

  • summer sex bed: 3.200 L$ or summer bdsm bed: 3.800 L$

Please send a list of which upgrades you would like to purchase to Froukje Hoorenbeek.

Dutchie offers a 10 percent discount to customers who purchase in quantities of 25.000 L$ or more within 1 month.

To receive this discount, save all the transaction information on the purchases like the date, time, ID prefix, details and price, and send it in a notecard to Froukje Hoorenbeek or use the contact page.

Complete furnished houses are not included in this offer because they already come with a large discount.

We try to keep our selection of Dutchie Second Life furniture as up to date as possible. Sometimes we even send out free updates of our most popular engines.

But some the designs that we offer in Dutchie’s store right now, will not or can never be updated with bento hand animations, aeros compatibility, bento facial expressions, AVsitter experience or any of the other new features Dutchie has implemented.

Examples of engines that cannot be updated are Dutchie’s bistro table and the dining table for 8. Both have been scripted with AVsitter 1, which could hold many more props then the later script versions AVsitter 2, but cannot give auto attaching props. AVsitter 2 scripts can make all props auto attach, but they cannot hold as many props as where used in the older tables.

In other cases, it is a matter of cost versus profit. Updating engines is very time-consuming work and that time can be better spent developing new and better creations.

Dutchie Second Life designs can be retired from the store after a few years to make room for new designs and keep our collection up to date.

We can only redeliver or provide service for designs that are still available in the store.

Dutchie loves your work and is always happy to see Dutchie designs photographed and blogged, so please send links and add your photos to the Dutchie Second Life Flickr Group.

But we are not looking for bloggers to send review copies to.

We respect all the work people do in Second Life for their very deserving causes. But we get a lot of requests for sponsorship and donations and can’t support them all. We believe causes benefit most from regular long-term donations, therefor Dutchie donates to several well-chosen causes on a monthly basis, among which: The UNHCR,  Amnesty International,  She Decides,  Bits of Freedom,  Médecins Sans Frontières,  The Longfonds,  KWF Kankerbestrijding and Stichting Alzheimer Nederland.

Dutchie is also not participating in events, advertising, rental space or sponsoring clubs right now.

If your question wasn’t on the list and you couldn’t find the answer here, please use the contact page or contact Auryn Beorn or Lyyric Fei inworld. We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also check the other two pages in Customer Service department of Dutchie Second Life furniture: Modifications or Troubleshooting.