Second Life Houses Tea Dome or Gazebo De Vecht

What to some might appear as a Second Life Gazebo, the Tea Dome is a unique small building built outside of a house or villa that is quintessentially Dutch.

In the 17th century, wealthy Amsterdam merchants fled the busy city to their country estates along the river De Vecht. It was a matter of status to build a tea dome, a small octagonal building with a domed roof and many large windows.

Enclosed Second Life Gazebo

The residents built these cottages on the most beautiful spots near the river where a passerby might admire them from the water. The owners enjoyed the view of all that happened on the river. The passerby would watch the owners drink their expensive tea in their delicate china cups through the large windows.

Luxury Details

Tea Dome ‘De Vecht’ has traditional Versailles parquet flooring for your comfort in any weather. The traditional method from the 17th century involves each oak and walnut panel combined with tongue and groove in a wood nail – no adhesive.

The art used as the base for the ceiling painting is part of the Rijksmuseum collection.

For your privacy, an optional ring of sheer curtains is included. (with the land impact of 21 prims) And a shadow prim. If you link the shadow to the dome, it will not add to the prim count.

The building has a land impact of 33 prims at a realistic size.

Customer reviews of the Tea Dome ‘De Vecht’

Perfect work! I have bought much items from you and I must say, all of them are really perfect. Big thanks for your work. I´ll wait for the next.


Decorating Ideas

Furnishing the Tea Dome ‘De Vecht’ with either a chaise lounge and a bistro table on which to enjoy tea.

Or give your cottage a romantic winter look with our snow roof for De Vecht.