Second Life Houses Red Brick Cafe Building

Dutchie’s red brick cafe building is a Second Life house with 3 floors and a traditional Dutch clock gable or facade. The building has a footprint of 15.35 by 8.65 meters and a land impact of 94 prims.

It’s built as close to a realistic size as possible, which makes stairs and ladders hard to navigate. We added 4 teleporters for moving from floor to floor instead, which can be set to usable for the owner, group, or everyone by right-clicking on them. The ladder to the attic opens when you teleport upstairs and is tucked away in the attic when you tp down again.

Click to teleport on:
1 the bottom of the stairs on the 1st floor
2 the big step on the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor
3 the hatch to the attic
4 the frame around the ladder in the attic floor

The doors and windows can be set to owner, group, everyone, or a list of names, and can be upgraded for roleplay options. Included are 24 door-sign textures, in case you want to change to signs on the doors.

The house is mod and copy, 100% original mesh with custom textures, baked shadows, and materials applied.

Furnished Dutch Second Life cafe

The furnished version of the Dutchie Second Life cafe includes a complete vintage Dutch cafe interior for the first floor, as well as a color-changeable awning, curtains for the 2nd floor, and a toilet and sink.

The furnished cafe building has a land impact of 320 prims in total, 113 for the house itself and the rest for the interior if decorated with 6 double tables and 4 sets of curtains for the 2nd floor.

All bar furniture has AVsitter experience enabled for auto-attaching props and all animations inside are complemented with Bento hand animations and poses. All artwork comes from the Rijksmuseum collection:–dutchie/creations

Cafe bar and barstools

Dutchie’s cafe bar with barstools and decor seats 2 bartenders and offers them each a choice between 40 bartender animations like tapping beer, pouring wine or gin, and making martinis. Also included are 2 bartender sequences.

The barstools have 20 female and 20 male drinking and sitting animations. Sitters can choose between 8 different drinks. The last drink chosen will move to the toaster and remain there during all sit animations for a more realistic experience. The barstools also have 2 sequences.

Cafe table with games

Dutchie’s cafe table seats 2 avatars and offers them a choice between 20 female and 20 male drink, sit, and game animations. The 9 different auto-attaching drinks stay on the table during most sits and games for a more realistic experience. Solo activities include solitaire and reading, and there are a couple of games like playing cards, backgammon, and real playable chess. The sitting animations can be played in 2 sequences.

The table comes in 2 versions, with and without a vase with tulips. They are easy to combine into larger tables for more decorative options.

Performer chair

Dutchie’s PG performer chair has about 30 solo animations: 10 female sits, 2 dances, 7 male sits, and 10 performing animations, 7 of them with an auto-attaching microphone. The animations can be played in 7 sequences.

Corner stage and stage lights

Dutchie’s corner stage and stage lights consist of 2 parts, the first is a simple corner stage in wood and linoleum that is easily re-sizable to all sides. The other is a ceiling fixture that holds 4 vintage stage lights.

The lights have 9 different color settings that take full advantage of the Advanced Lighting Model of Second Life.

PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t run shadows, only the Soft light setting will look good in the cafe.


Dutchie’s vintage awning has a classic striped cotton canvas, stretched tightly over a white-painted wooden structure. It will attract attention to any restaurant, cafe or shop, serving as a sign or billboard as well as providing shade, breaking winds, and protecting from rain or snow.

The canvas can be changed into 9 different colors by clicking on it. There are 2 versions in the folder, one with and one without an invisible extra prim with text on it, to which you can add your own texture.

Toilet and sink

The toilet has 6 adjustable animations, 3 for female and 2 for male avatars, and gives out temp attach newspapers. The little sink has 1 hand-washing animation.


Click on them to open and close them.

Dutch Second Life Cafe furnished and unfurnished

The Dutch Second Life cafe is available furnished and unfurnished. All furniture is available separately as well:

• Vintage Cafe Bar with Barstools

• Vintage cafe table

• Vintage  coffee machine

• Cash register

• Cocktail shaker, jigger, and spoon

• Bottle of Tequila

• Bottle of Vodka

• Bottle of Captain Dutchie Rum

• Scotch and Bourbon Whiskey

• Bottle of Vermouth

• Young Dutchie gin or jenever

• White and red wine bottles

• Champagne bottles

• Bartender notebooks

Snow roof add-on

Upgrade your house with the Snow Roof Add-on for Dutchie’s Second Life Cafe and bar and let the magic of the season unfold in the heart of your Second Life home.

3 red brick houses, standalone or terraced

There are 3 versions of Dutchie’s red brick houses and they are made so they can be used as terraced houses as well: