Second Life Houses Waterfront Cottage Sage

Dutchie’s Loosdrecht waterfront cottages are highly detailed traditional little wooden cottages with a unique architectural style and open plan layout, named after a beautiful lake area with marshes, grasslands & reed beds, popular for swimming and water sports.

The little shacks come in 4 colors: Raspberry, Sage, Cornflower, and Daisy.

Quaint Second Life cottages

These quaint Second Life cottages have a land impact of only 52 prims with the platform attached, perfect for landowners with smaller plots on the beach, near lakes, rivers, and canals, or in swamps.

But also included are versions without the platform, which are even lower in land impact at only 39 prims.

Realistic size

Each of Dutchie’s Second Life cottages has a footprint of about 11.75 by 9 meters with the platform, and 8.75 by 7 meters without at realistic or store size.

They are easy to resize but will go up in land impact when made bigger.

100% original mesh

The houses are mod and copy, 100% original mesh with custom textures, baked shadows and materials applied. Included are versions with and without the platform.

The Kool doors can be set to owner, group, everyone, or a l

ist of names, and can be upgraded for roleplay options.

Cottage in 4 Colors

The Dutchie Second Life waterfront cottages are available in 4 colors: pink, blue, green, and white. They are available together in a fat pack as well.