Second Life Houses Polder Cottage in brown

Dutchie’s charming Dutch farmer cottage has steep-slope roofs and stepped gables. The roofs’ peaks slag with age, and the grey tiled floors are rich with the patina accrued from generations of footsteps upon their cool surface, complemented by faded, aging paint on old plaster walls.

Leading to the upper floor is an iron spiral staircase. The attic’s partially exposed skeleton consists of large ancient timbers, shaded in all the right places, that frame the bare painted walls.

About Dutchie’s Second Life cottage

The polder cottage is all mesh, with custom textures and baked shadows, and mod and copy.

The unfurnished version has the land impact of 71 prims. It has a footprint of 10 by 15 and will even fit a 512 plot. Due to the nature of mesh, the land impact will go up to 113 during the first rezzing, but go down to 75 again after it is settled.

The unfurnished home comes with shutters, curtains, planters, rain barrel, and spiral stairs.

The door and windows can be opened and closed with a mouse click and can be locked.
(Though I advise a security orb, locks in SL are pretty much useless).

The inner walls of the polder cottage can be textured apart from the outside walls, so it is possible to retexture both inside walls and floors. This would mean losing the baked shadows and light fall.

Available in 2 colors

Dutchie’s Second Life cottage comes in a white version as well. Both cottages are available together as too, with a discount.

Come and see the cottage inworld at Dutchie!