Second Life Houses Villa Utrecht

During the 19th and early 20th century in the Netherlands and Germany, home builders often made country houses in the neoclassical style. Built over 2 years, Dutchie’s premiere Second Life house: Villa Utrecht, has a foundation laid around 1850.

Age and many owners brought changes over the years, to both exterior and interior. But the villa kept its beauty and grandeur. Its most remarkable feature is the facade with the large steps and many hatches facing the street side. These characteristics are a display of status and wealth to anyone who was passing by.

An 11-room Second Life house

Dutchie’s biggest Second Life house, Villa Utrecht has four floors and contains 19 different animations inside the steps and windows.

Rooms downstairs:

  • living room
  • dining room
  • library
  • kitchen
  • hallway
  • and conservatory

Rooms upstairs:

  • master bedroom
  • guest bedroom
  • laundry room
  • bathroom
  • and hallway

There is also an attic and a basement cellar.


The Second Life house has 3 x 8 animations in the deep windows on the front side. The cellar has a lockable room for keeping supplies. The front steps have 4 x 10 animations. The back steps have one animation.

Furnished or unfurnished Second Life house

This Second Life house is available furnished or unfurnished. The unfurnished version has a land impact of 423 prims. The furnished house has a land impact of 1107 prims.

The furnished version of the house comes with all the furniture displayed, packed by room in 10 boxes. Buyers of the furnished version get a 20 percent discount on the house and furniture combined. The house is mod and copy.

The house is 99 percent mesh and materials are applied to some areas.

PG and Adult furnished versions

We offer a PG and an adult version of Dutchie’s Second Life villa. The adult version is packed with the best sex furniture available in Second Life. The adult version of the villa is only available inworld at Dutchie Homes.

You can also upgrade pieces separately, at a 10% discount.

An in-depth video exploration of this Second Life house

Designing Worlds said:

In advance of the upcoming Home & Garden Expo, this episode we visit a new house designed and furnished by Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie, who is one of Second Life’s leading designers. Built in a traditional Dutch style, the house is impressive for Froukje’s attention to detail and the inclusion of many diverse animations in the furniture. We discuss the project with Froukje in depth and tour the house looking at the many points of interest, while additional inserts hint at just some of the possibilities offered by the house and its contents.