Second Life Houses Poldercottage in brown

The Hedwigepolder is a charming Dutch farmer cottage with steep-slope roofs and stepped-gables. The roofs’ peaks slag with age, the grey tiled floors are rich with the patina accrued from generations of footsteps upon their cool surface, complemented by faded, aging paint on old plaster walls.

Leading to the upper floor is an iron spiral staircase. The attic’s partially exposed skeleton consists of large ancient timbers, shaded in all the right places, that frame the bare painted walls.

More Information about Dutchie’s premiere Second Life cottage

The Second Life cottage was after land the Dutch had reclaimed from the sea in 1907. They re-flooded this area for environmental and political reasons.

The Hedwigepolder cottage comes in a white version too.

Furnished or unfurnished, PG or adult.

Furnished or unfurnished

Dutchie’s cottages are available furnished or unfurnished. The PG version has all the furniture described underneath.

The Biedermeier sofa is a mesh couch with beautiful custom textures and baked shadows, filled with smooth, realistic long animations, with 7 colors fabric, with great attention to details yet only 11 prims. The sofa can seat 2 people and offers 18 single and 18 couple animations in 3 menu’s: sit, cuddle and kiss. There are a 11 wearable items inside like books, wine, coffee, newspapers, popcorn and laptops. The sofa will offer you these when you come to the right animation. There are no balls, just sit anywhere on the table and the menu appears.

Kitchen table
Dutchies kitchen table is a linked mesh set with color changable table cloth, consisting of a table, 2 chairs, a table cloth, lamp and plant. The table can seat 2 people. 30 of the animations can be played solo and there are 22 couple animations. 7 animations come with rezzer scenes like coffee, cookies, lunch, chess and more. There are a 14 wearable items inside. The table looks best with the light on. Click the lamp for 3 settings, low, bright and off.

The kitchen can seat 2 people and offers 24 animations. 21 of the animations can be played solo and there are 12 couple animations. Among them are working animations like doing the dishes, stirring, frying and chopping, but also relaxing animations like drinking coffee, talking, hugging and kissing. 6 animations come with rezzer scenes. There are a 11 wearable items inside. Click on the wood part of the chimney to change to 5 colors of wood.There are 3 versions with different chimneys in this package: one with a short white, one with a long white chimney and one in the color of the walls of the Hedwigepolder.

Elegant mesh claw foot bath tub textured in antique porcelain with exquisite brass claw feet and faucet. The pg bath has a very relaxing menu with 10 single and 20 couple animations, like bathing, shaving, massage, read, wine and more. 10 couple and 3 single animations come with a rezzer scene of candles. Items like glasses or a book are supplied by the bath when the right animation plays.

The unparalleled luxury of pure silk sheets, color changeable in 8 different combinations, a cast iron frame changeable in 4 different color metals, and packed with the smoothest, cutest, long high quality animations in SL, Dutchie’s summer beds.This bed offers 10 cute solo animations and 30 sweet couple animations like breakfast, watching tv, chocolate, drinks, reading books and newspapers, laptops, chess, candles, having a good cry and much, much more. Some of the couple animations are well suited to be played solo as well. It has 11 rezzing scenes and 6 wearable items.

Sink console
Run the faucet and the water starts running and the sink fills up. 10 single animations and 5 wearable items.

10 single animations, 7 colors fabric.

3 settings, low, bright and off.