Second Life Houses Houseboat New Amsterdam

Dutchie Second Life houseboat New Amsterdam was inspired by the oldest houseboat in the Netherlands, De Zwerver. Self-taught artist, writer, architect, and explorer Wijnand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp build it in 1900, the year of his marriage. Nieuwenkamp and his family lived, worked, and exhibited on the boat while traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany for the next 10 years.

The Second Life houseboat’s exterior is completely renovated, but its greatest treasure is inside: a beautifully decorated historic building, the original interior a mix of exotic woods, old tiles, decorations, and carvings as those by Nieuwenkamp himself.

Dutchie’s houseboat New Amsterdam is available unfurnished, but also as a furnished Second Life houseboat.

Layout of the houseboat

Second Life Houseboat New Amsterdam has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom with a separate toilet, hallway, and two outdoor decks. Unlike the original boat, all these are on one floor. This had to be done because of the water level and camera angle in Second Life.

The ship is mod and copy, 100% original mesh with custom textures, baked shadows, and materials applied.

Included is a plank to use as a bridge from a dock to the front door.

The houseboat has a land impact of 133 prims. It’s 7,5 meters wide and 44 meters long, The boat is easily re-sizable, which will make the prim count go up or down.

The doors and windows can be set to owner, group, everyone, or a list of names, and can be upgraded for roleplay options.

The boat is built as close to realistic size as possible, and so is all the furniture in the furnished version. This helps create the most lifelike experience while playing the animations. But due to SL’s default camera angle, it may need some practice to navigate in it easily.

Furnished houseboat

The Second Life houseboat’s interior is an eclectic collection with an emphasis on mid-century modern design. The furnished houseboat has a land impact of 380 prims in total, 133 for the houseboat itself and 247 prims for the furniture and decor.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers of the furnished version get an ALMOST 30% DISCOUNT on the house and furniture combined.

The furniture and decor are packed in 6 boxes per room or space and have been linked as much as possible, so there are only 43 pieces to place.

Hallway and outside 3
Kitchen 4
Platform Living Room 6
Bathroom and toilet 9
Bedroom 10
Living room 11

A 7th box contains 25 extras like individual decor items and mirrored furniture.

Most of the mid-century furniture that was designed for the Second Life houseboat is also available separately at Dutchie, like the mid-century bedroom, the industrial bathroom, and this Second Life kitchen.

Adult furnished houseboats

We offer 4 adult versions of Dutchie’s Second Life Houseboat. These adult versions are packed with the best sex furniture available in Second Life, in BDSM or vanilla versions: Adult Vanilla, Maledom, Femdom, and All kinks.

You can also upgrade pieces separately, at a 10% discount.

RFL Home & Garden Expo

Dutchie’s New Amsterdam was released at the┬áRFL Home & Garden Expo 2017.

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