Second Life Bedroom Honeymoon Bed

Pure, unadulterated sex; that is this charming, lightly distressed, antique Gustavian Second Life sex bed with a new menu. Nothing more than the absolute best sex animations in Second Life, packed in a beautiful wooden vintage bed: emotional, expressive, loving, and very realistic. Over half of the animations in the bed are mocap animations.

The menu is clear and easy to navigate, and the variety of animations will keep lovers busy for a very long time. Dutchie made it as a wedding present for friends and that really shows in the tenderness of the animations, the storyline and the menu.

Color changeable Second Life bed

  • 50 foreplay animations
  • 55 sex animations
  • 5 cuddles
  • 4 sequences
  • 6 colors
  • mod and copy
  • the land impact is 8 prims
  • can be set to the owner, group or all.

PG, adult and lesbian versions

The Gustavian bed comes in 3 versions with each a very different set of animations: this adult sex bed with has male/female foreplay and sex animations.

There is also a PG bed with very sweet animations for two girlfiends, and third version, an adult lesbian sex bed with foreplay and sex animations specially designed for 2 women.

More information about the PG and lesbian versions of the Second Life bed

Decorating ideas

We recommend you coordinate this bed with some or all of our many bedroom furniture items including the distressed painted bedside tables, Gustavian bedroom wardrobe, and Gustavian bedroom dresser.

Other Dutchie Second Life Sex beds

Dutchie’s Gustavian bed is only one of the different styles we have to offer both in design and animations. Please try our mid-century modern bed, teak canopy bed or our summer beds too.
Each of the Second Life beds comes in several versions. Of the teak canopy and summer sex beds PG, adult and BDSM versions are available.
The mid-century modern sex bed is available in PG, adult and a Plus version with a rougher character.

Customer reviews of this Second Life bed

Love, Love, Love. I absolutely love this bed. It looks great… you can change the colors if you get bored and want different décor. The animations are fabulous. I would recommend this bed to anyone in the market. You won’t regret.

Lili Mango

Best bed in Second Life ever. I had a Dutchie bed already and loved it. There is no other builder that pays so much attention to every little detail in both the outer design and the inner quality. But the new menu with mocap made me curious. If I could give this bed 10 stars I would! Great job! Mocap rocks!

Michael Dereham