Second Life Bedroom Teak Canopy Bed

Romantic antique four-poster canopy Second Life bed from hand-carved Indonesian teak. Not only will this bed make a beautiful focal point in any bedroom, but it is also a great furniture piece on which to relax, work or entertain.

The cracked wood has a lovely yellowish-brown hue with an excellent grain and texture. You can change the blanket into 8 colors and the wood into 3 different textures. The bed is packed with the smoothest, cutest, long high-quality animations in Second Life. The bed is available in two adult versions as well.


This bed offers cute animations like breakfast, watching tv, chocolate, drinks, reading books and newspapers, laptops, chess, candles, having a good cry, and much, much more. Some of the couple’s animations are well-suited for solo play as well. The positions of the animations are adjustable, so you can make them more fitting for your avatar. It has 11 rezzing scenes and 6 wearable items, that the bed will offer you when the right animation is played.

Three versions of this Second Life bed: PG, adult, and BDSM

  • PG bed: 10 solo animations, 30 couple animations, 11 rezzing scenes, 9 wearable items
  • Adult bed: 40 PG, 74 adult couple animations, 4 sequences, 17 rezzing scenes, 9 wearable items
  • BDSM bed: 40 PG, 74 adult, and 60 bondage couple animations, 6 sequences, 17 rezzing scenes, 12 wearable items

The Second Life sex beds are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

Customer reviews of this Second Life Bed

Just awesome. In my opinion the best and most sophisticated bed in SL – and the BDSM addon rocks – literally. Buy it! 🙂

Misty Payne

Well done! Another great product by Dutchie…this time, however, there was an issue – one that could not easily be resolved by back and forth notecards. So Sein actually came to my parcel and got involved. Great products and awesome service!


A must have. Only one thing you must know.. this bed has a hidden bdsm menu and once you understand how it works… its a great bed with all the poses I would ever need. High-end furniture texture and poses…

Customer service is a 10 star I asked for help and I got a course on this bed… I will buy again
Only wish I bought a bed like this was back at first… this is a must have… Hope you enjoy as much as I have… Thank you


Really nice. Great animations and props.

Julian Corvin

Excellent Craftsmanship! I have a number of Dutchie’s beds on my sim and every one of them is top notch! This one performs better than advertised and is well worth the price.

Rhett Langer
Best Bed Ever! I had to save up for this.. and it was well worth it! I haven’t seen anything like it on SL
Aliyah Piers
Astonishing!!! I was looking for a canopy bed for my castle and eventually I found the ideal one. I love the design, the textures and the animations. The bed has 2 separate menus (normal and bdsm). In order to get the bdsm menu you need to click the transparent prim on the front side of the bed. The sub should wear the cuffs in order to work the ropes. Instructions included as well (read them). Love it!!!!!
LoveAngel Lyre

Great product. Dutchie sets a new standard for all adult furniture. Nothing comes even close.

Dean Kookhoven

Wonderful. Literally anything and everything I will ever need in a bed.