Second Life Bedroom Summer bed

The unparalleled luxury of pure silk sheets, color changeable in 8 different combinations, a cast iron frame changeable in 4 different color metals, and packed with the smoothest, cutest, long high-quality animations in SL, Dutchie’s summer beds. 


This bed offers cute animations like breakfast, watching tv, chocolate, drinks, reading books and newspapers, laptops, chess, candles, having a good cry, and much, much more. Some of the couple animations are well suited to be played solo as well. The positions of the animations are adjustable, so you can make them more fitting for your avi. 

PG or adult

It has 11 rezzing scenes and 6 wearable items, that the bed will offer you when the right animation is played. 

• pg bed: 10 solo animations. 30 couple animations, 11 rezzing scenes, 6 wearable items

• adult bed: 40 pg couple animations, 74 adult couple animations, 4 sequences, 6 rezzing scenes, 11 wearable items

• bondage bed: 20 pg, 74 adult and 26 bondage couple animations, 6 sequences, 1 rezzing scene, 5 wearables

The Second Life sex beds are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.