Second Life Houses Waterland House

Dutchie’s Waterland house is a charming 17th-century wooden residence with an L-shaped floor plan, a beautiful example of the historic architecture that the picturesque Dutch village of Broek in Waterland is known for.

Once, the front portion of this dwelling served as a bustling store, while the back provided a haven for its owner. Today, this historic house has undergone a truly remarkable transformation, thanks to a comprehensive renovation to make it suitable as a Second Life home.

Open-concept design

Gone are the walls that once segregated the store from the living spaces in the back, resulting in a stunning open-concept design with plenty of natural light, that seamlessly combines old-world charm with contemporary comfort.

Cast iron spiral staircase

Step into Dutchie’s Waterland House and be captivated by its expansive living space. Here, your eyes will be drawn to a breathtaking cast iron spiral staircase. It can be walked on, but when clicked it also teleports you to the attic. A click on the railing upstairs teleports you back down.

Open attic and side room

Ascend this magnificent staircase, and you’ll find yourself in the open attic with endless possibilities. Connected to the enchanting living area downstairs is a side room that invites you to make it your own, as a bedroom or perhaps your dream home office.

In short

• L-shaped 17th-century wooden house with large open living space, attic & 1 side room
• Spiral staircase can be walked on, but also teleports you to the attic when clicked
• Footprint of about 17 by 17 meters
• Land impact of 86 prims
• Mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% original mesh
• Detailed snow roof available, Li of 12 prims

Tinting inner walls

The inside walls can be tinted in any color while maintaining the occlusion and details by right-clicking them and Selecting Face.

Doors and windows

The windows open by sliding upward. The doors can be set to owner, group, everyone, or a list of names.

Footprint and land impact

Dutchie’s Waterland house has a footprint of about 17 by 17 meters and a land impact of 103 prims.

The house is easy to resize but will go up in land impact when made bigger. The house is mod and copy and 100% original mesh with custom textures.

Snow Roof

There is also a snow roof available for Dutchie’s wooden Waterland house.