Second Life Specials Swan Arm Wall Lamp

Illuminate your virtual space with elegance and versatility with Dutchie’s Swan Arm Wall Lamp. The lamp’s metal finish can be easily modified to match your desired aesthetic. Click on the foot of the lamp to effortlessly switch between 6 striking metal finishes, with options for both Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and traditional materials. What you see is what you get: if you are in a PBR-enabled viewer, you see the PBR metal, if not, you see the traditional textures.

The wall Lamp offers 3 light settings: bright, soft light, and off. With a simple click on the lamp’s hood, effortlessly adjust the lighting to suit your mood or the desired atmosphere in your virtual space. It can be set to use by the owner, group, or all, by editing the notecard inside.

The wall light can be rotated upwards or downwards.


• 6 colors for the metal, both PBR and traditional textures
• Land impact of 3 prims
• Mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% original mesh

The swan arm wall lamp was designed to match Dutchie’s clawfoot bathtub and ornate antique mirror.