Second Life Specials Animated Playable Chess

Looking for a fun and interactive way to play chess in Second Life? Dutchie’s animated playable chess is fully functional and can be played on a table or on the ground.

Each version of the chess board has two chess-playing animations, supplemented with Bento hand animations. Turn your AO and Bento hands AO off for best results.

Decorative standby mode

When the chess board is first rezzed, it rezzes with a decorative set of pieces. The board in this standby mode has the land impact of 22 prims.

Once a game is complete or any time you would like to wipe the board, you can do this in the menu by selecting ‘Reset board’. This will bring the board back to the decorative standby mode.

The board’s owner can also choose to clear all the pieces from the board, which brings the land impact down to 2 prims.

How to play the Second Life game

Sit on the board first. This will present you with a menu that allows you to adjust the animations if needed.

Then click one of the buttons that say ‘click here for chess menu’, then ‘Start Game’. This will rez the 32 real chess pieces on the board.

The first sitter can now choose to either play solo or wait for a second sitter to join by sitting on the board, clicking the ‘click here for chess menu’ button, and selecting ‘Join Game’.

The colors are assigned randomly and may have to rez again to be closest to where their player sits. But the board can be flipped and sides can be switched if needed.

The chess game itself

The game works just as chess does. More info on the rules can be found on Wikipedia:

The board will allow most moves, however, it will not allow you to move your King into the way of danger, it will return an invalid move.

When you get a pawn to the other side, you can choose what you would like to promote your pawn to via a menu.

You can offer a draw at any time by selecting it in the menu.

Chess board chat

The board chat can be toggled on and off by the owner within the menu.

More information

Li of 18 prims in standby mode, goes up to 34 prims at the most during use.
100% original mesh
Materials applied
Mod and copy

Second Life cafe table

This Second Life game was originally created as a prop for Dutchie’s Second Life cafe table.