Second life Outdoor Sunbed Loungers with Parasol

Make the most of your outdoor Second Life living space with Dutchie’s elegant and comfortable vintage sunbed loungers with parasol set, with slight traces of use but in good condition overall.

The set has 5 parts: 2 different sunbed loungers, a parasol, a side table, and some sun lotion.

Vintage sunbed loungers

The vintage sunbed lounger combines style, durability, and convenience and will add a timeless design to your garden or beach. It’s made from solid wood and comes in 2 colors, the original wood color, and a white painted version. There is a choice of 6 different fabrics for the cushions.

The back part of the sunbed lounger has 2 positions and it moves automatically with the 40 solo and 10 couple animations. Included are 2 versions of the lounger, one with the back up, the other with the back down as default.

It has AV-sitter experience enabled for auto attaching of props like drinks, a book, and sun lotion, and all animations have Bento hand poses and animations. There are 2 solo and 1 couple sequences, and 2 shorter sequences in the couple menu.

Retro striped parasol with fringes

Dutchie’s retro striped parasol with fringes is styled and constructed to the high standards of days gone by, capturing classic charm and a luxury lifestyle while providing quality shade.

It’s as versatile as it is beautiful, with 6 chic vintage colors to choose from. Click on the umbrella to choose between 6 lovely striped fabrics. The menu can be set to group, owner or all.

2 versions included, one with the metal foot, one without. Place it on the beach without the foot, and put it up on the patio or in your garden in the metal foot.

Sunbed side table

A choice of 2 wood colors, original wood or white painted. The menu can be set to owner, group or all.

Sun lotion

No functionality, just cute.


• Land impact of 17 prims all together: 4 prims per lounger, parasol 7, side table 1, sun lotion 1
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

Options sunbed loungers

Colors, security, and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

• Color: choose between 2 colors for the wood and 6 colors for the cushions.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

Bento hands

Turn all other animations like your AO and your Bento hands AO off so they don’t override any of the animations.

To make sure your legs look their best and the ankles don’t ‘break’ or bend unnaturally during the animations, wear an ankle lock. Most mesh body huds have one, but there is also a free ankle lock available at Dutchie.

TURN THE ANKLE LOCK ON AFTER SITTING. Turn it off and on again to make sure it is overriding the animations.

AVsitter experience

If you have the AV-sitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the furniture’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. To enable the experience of fully automatic attaching, AVsitter experience has to be enabled in both the land settings and your own.

If the land has the AV-sitter experience enabled, the furniture will ask you to allow the experience yourself, when the first prop comes up. Just click yes.

Watch this tutorial video for more info:

The retro striped parasol with fringes is available separately too, just like the tube with sun lotion.