Second life Outdoor Stone Arched Bridge

Dutchie’s big stone bridge with 3 classic arches and sturdy construction is similar to those you see across the Dutch city canals like in Amsterdam but would seamlessly integrate into a variety of Second Life landscapes, ranging from enchanting gardens to sprawling countryside vistas.

It’s designed especially as a big bridge, and it’s possible to swim or sail through the arches underneath.

High and low land impact

Because of its size and physics, it has a large land impact that will increase in size, therefor 2 versions are included in the pack: one bridge with a detailed iron railing and one without the railing, which is much lower in land impact.

Land impact at different sizes

Roughly              with railing       no railing

25 meters wide            60                   18
30 meters wide           86                   26
35 meters wide           117                   34
40 meters wide          151                   42
45 meters wide          178                   43

Snow layer

Upgrade your bridge with the snow layer for Dutchie’s stone bridge and let the magic of the season unfold in the heart of your Second Life home.

More information

• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy