Second life Outdoor Girlfriends Picnic Tent

Surprise your girlfriend with a long, lazy, and romantic picnic in Dutchie’s charming little put-together Second Life tent. It is changeable into three different colors and comes in 2 versions: PG and girl-on-girl adult with lesbian sex animations.

Inside you will find sweet and romantic Second Life animations like writing postcards and letters, snacking, drinking tea or non-alcoholic wine, sunbathing, playing games, and more to entertain you both, with many auto attach and rezzing props.

PG Version

The PG version of the Second Life picnic tent has 27 couple animations designs for two women. A lot of these can be played solo as well, and there are a few short sequences between the animations.

Adult lesbian version

The adult version of the picnic tent has 90 lesbian couple animations: 30 picnic, lounge, and cuddle animations, and 60 lesbian sex animations. The adult tent has five longer sequences, and there are a few more short sequences hidden between the animations.

There are two versions of the sex version included, one has an extra animation only accessible to a possible third sitter, a peeping male.

More lesbian Second Life furniture

Dutchie also offers a Gustavian lesbian sexbed and a velvet tufted sofa with only lesbian animations,


Customer reviews of the Second Life picnic tent

It’s magic. There is too much “sex beds” and “sex poseballs” in the marketplace. This product is unique; style, elegant, mesh, precious…..and the lesbian animations are BEAUTIFUL! Five stars so far!


Fantastic girl girl item. We have a few Dutchie products including the vintage shower and I was immediately thrilled when I saw this item on Market Place knowing how good Dutchie items are but this far exceeded my expectation. It is amazing, its a really nice build but the animations are totally fantastic, such good quality and some really unusual different ones there, it’s so hard to get decent Lesbian items like this and this one is a fantastic find for us. Great work Froukje.

Ellen Reinerman