Second life Outdoor Second Life Lifebuoy

Dutchie’s animated Second Life Lifebuoy slowly drifts on the water and can seat 2 avatars and offers 20 solo and 1 couple animations. The first can choose between 7 female and seven male animations on the buoy. The second avatar can choose between three female and three male swimming animations. There is also one couple animations.

The lifebuoys are copiable, so you can use as many as you wish. Some customers use them in pools while others use them in the open water. They are not only functional but also lovely to look at. They add an elegant feel to any lakeside beach or dock area.

Extra Infomation

The animated lifebuoy slowly drifts on the water. The movement can be turned off and on in the menu. The decorative lifebuoys come in three versions, one attached to a pole, one on a hook for on walls, and a third laying on the ground.

Customer Reviews of the Second Life Lifebuoy

Great to enjoy the pool / sea with. It doesn’t stop me from giving a 5-star, but I do wish for more couple animations, and friend animations, e.g. fighting for the buoy.

Vixen Wottitz

A nice bouy. I do like this, but like the previous reviewer said, it would have been better with lots more couples animations.

Extrude Ragu