Second Life Bedroom Gustavian Lesbian Bed

Charming and lightly distressed, this Second Life lesbian bed is color changeable with 6 colors for the painted wood and the blankets. This romantic FF bed not only makes a wonderful focal point in any bedroom, but it is also a great furniture piece to relax, work or entertain on. It’s packed with the smoothest, cutest, most exciting, longest, high-quality lesbian animations in Second Life.

Second Life lesbian bed

This bed offers cute animations, all designed for female avatars. You and your girlfriend can eat breakfast, watch tv, enjoy chocolate, drinks, reading books and newspapers. You can use laptops, play chess, light candles, have a good cry, and much more.

The bed comes with a low lag no balls system, just sit on it and a menu appears.

The positions of the animations are adjustable, so you can make them more fitting for your avatar.

The bed has copy/mod permissions, is 100 percent mesh, the rezzing scenes and wearable items are half mesh, half sculpted.

PG or adult – 100 animations for 2 women

  • PG girlfriends bed: 10 single and 30 couple animations for 2 women, 10 wearable items, 10 rezzing scenes
  • Lesbian sex bed: 40 PG and 60 adult couple animations for 2 women, 4 sequences, 7 rezzing scenes 10 wearable items

MF version of the sex bed

There is also a MF version of this Second Life sexbed available. The MF honeymoon sexbed has it’s own page with links and information.

Lesbian picnic tent

Dutchie also offers a picnic tent with lesbian animations in PG girlfriends version and an adult version.

The adult picnic tent has 90 Second Life lesbian couple animations: 30 picnic, lounge and cuddle animations, and 60 lesbian sex animations.