Second life Outdoor Outdoor Shower

Enjoy the outdoors and rinse off under the warm sun with Dutchie’s outdoor Second Life shower. The simple, elegant design fits on the beach as well as in a garden, but looks especially good in combination with Dutchie’s other spa designs, the wood-burning hot tub, and the sauna. Because of its vintage look, it’s also a great match with Dutchie’s Northseacoast cottages.

9 color combinations

The outside shower is color changeable into 9 different combinations: a light fresh wood, a warm redwood, and a stylish gray wash that can be combined with steel, copper, or a rusty material for the shower.

It comes in 2 versions: PG and Adult. Both have AV-sitter experience enabled for auto attaching of props and all animations have Bento hand poses and animations.

PG Second Life shower

The PG shower has 20 solo and 10 couple animations with a very relaxing nature. It has a few props and there are 2 solo and 1 couple sequence in the shower.

Adult shower

The adult version has everything above, plus 10 romantic, 25 foreplay, and 25 sex couple animations. It has 2 solo and 8 couple sequences. The adult shower also has a few shorter hidden sequences in the menu, it has modest Bento facial expressions and this Second Life sex furniture is compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

Compatible with Aeros pré-Bento and Bento penises

Most of Dutchie’s adult furniture is compatible with Aeros Second Life penises for automatic tilting, so you have to do very little adjusting and have your hands free during play.

This includes their new Bento penis.

More information and a manual on how to make Dutchie adult furniture compatible with Aeros penises


Colors, water, security, facial expressions, and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

• Color: choose between 3 colors for the wood and 3 colors for the metal.

• Water: choose between 4 different sounds, adjust the volume or turn the sound completely off.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

• Faces: turns facial expressions on or off.

• Bento faces: turns facial expressions on or off.

The facial expressions are only available in the adult shower.


• Land impact: 7 prims
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy


Dutchie’s new outdoor shower was released at the Second Life event Fameshed, March 1st 2021. It is now available at our inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace.