Second Life Specials Gorean Furs

Warm, thick, luscious furs with a by-the-book Gorean menu: 110 Second Life animations, all carefully selected for their beauty, realism, fun, and diversity, and rigged mesh bondage ropes that move with your body.

The furs have 3 long adult sequences: new girl, love slave and punished, 1 rezzing scene, and 9 wearable items, among which rigged mesh bondage ropes, a whip, paga, ka-la-na, grapes, bread, and cheese.

From sweet or very sexy to rough, all long, detailed, and varied, a lot of these animations are unique, you won’t find them in any other furniture in Second Life. Among them are classic Gorean animations, serving, erotic dancing, training, punishment, and lots of very, very adult animations.

The animation menu

The menu is clear and easy to navigate, each submenu has 10 animations that all revolve around the same theme.

• Caught
• Train
• Use
• Serve
• Amuse
• Heat up
• Sex
• More sex
• A bit more
• Even more
• Cuddle
• Sequences

Hay for medieval look

The furs come in 2 versions, one with a hay layer for are medieval look, and the second with only the furs, which will look perfect in front of any fireplace, modern or rustic. The furs are very low prim so they will fit even the smallest home, only 7 prims.

The furs come with a low lag no balls system, just right-click and sit on it and the menu appears. The positions of the animations are adjustable, so you can make them more fitting for your avatar.