Second Life Bathroom French Galvanized Bathtub

Vintage industrial French galvanized bathtub from the 1940’s with a very relaxing menu.

PG and adult version

The Second Life bath comes in 2 versions: PG and adult:

Temp attach props like glasses or a book are supplied by the bath when the right animation plays.

More info

Water, security and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

• Water: choose between 3 different sounds, adjust the volume or turn the sound completely off.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

Aeros compatible

If one of the sitters is wearing an Aeros cock, you’ll be benefited of the automatic tilt set feature. This feature will change the tilt of your Aeros to adjust the best possible to each animation.

Automatic attachment of props

If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the furniture’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission.

Dutchie’s industrial Second Life bathroom

This shower was made as part of Dutchie’s industrial Second Life bathroom. The bathroom also includes: