BDSM Playroom set


Dutchie’s Second Life BDSM furniture set consists of 5 parts that contain a total of more than 200 animation sets for Second Life BDSM roleplay: 161 M/F couple animations, 30 MMF threesome animations and 15 female solo animations. Inside the furniture are 18 sequences, they have RLV options, give out several props and this Second Life sex furniture is compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.



30 M/F couple animations with her hands tied behind her back
30 M/F couple animations with her chained to the bed
10 MMF threesome animations with her hands tied
6 Sequences
Land impact of 12 prims

The chains on the bed disappear during the chained animations and are replaced with particle chains. The bed gives out 2 different kinds of cuffs for the bound and chained animations, as well as a temp attach feather, dildo, and candle.



10 female solo animations
40 M/F couple animations
10 MMF threesome animations
5 sequences
Land impact of 7 prims

The rack works with particle chains and gives out cuffs, a whip, and a dildo.



5 female solo animations
25 M/F couple animations
10 MMF threesome animations
3 sequences
Land impact of 8 prims

The side planks move up and down according to the animations and the horse works with particle chains and gives out cuffs.



30 M/F couple animations
3 sequences
Land impact of 6 prims

The post works with particle chains and gives out cuffs and a whip and a dildo.



6 M/F couple animations
1 sequence
Land impact of 7 prims

The doors close when the cabinet is in use, it gives out cuffs, a dildo, a whip and a beer bottle.



Total land impact of 40 prims
100% original mesh
Materials applied



SIT: There are no balls, just right-click the furniture and sit on it. Captive first, but you can hit the SWAP button if you land on the wrong seat.

CUFFS: Click on the button Give cuffs for copy/mod/trans cuffs. When you wear the cuffs, particles chains will appear during the bondage animations.

TEMP ATTACH PROPS: The furniture will offer temp attach items during the right animations. PLEASE NOTE: In some viewers, the question for permission to attach to your avatar, may appear under the menu window.

SEQUENCES: Click the sequence button again to pause or continue again.



POSES: Under the ADJUST menu a button named POSE enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

FACES: Under the ADJUST menu a button named FACES turns facial expressions on or off.

SECURITY: Under the ADJUST menu a button named SECURITY makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.



If you, or any of your partners, is wearing an Aeros cock, you’ll be benefited of the automatic tilt set feature. This feature will change the tilt of your cock to adjust the best possible to each animation. In order to have it working, you need to change one setting in your Aeros cock.

Touch your Aeros cock to get the menu. If the cock is hidden, show it with the HUD.
Click “Devices” on that menu, then select “Auto” mode.
Make sure that “Level” (also under the “Devices” menu) is set to at least 2.



RLV means “Restrained Love Viewer”, and it’s functions can be turned on in some third party viewers like Phoenix, Singularity and Restrained Love. It is not necessary for playing on the rings, but can add dept to the experience of control.

Having RLV turned on in combination with wearing a relay, permits others or traps to control your avatar. Others can force you to do things, like sit on objects and hold you captive there. Please note: RLV commands will have NO influence over you if you are not wearing a scripted object that works as a relay.

Many collars include a relay, but it can also be a simple hud, in the form of a small dot in your screen. If you remove the relay, no one can force you to do anything. You decide when you would like to give control away.


[CAPTURE] gives the capturer the option to trap a captive on the rings and for how long, from 1 to 60 minutes. He does not have to be on the rings to do that, only to click them. [RELEASE] is obviously to release the captive. [MORE…] gives 5 options for restriction:

Gag/ Unbag: Unable to speak in open chat.

Touch/NoTouch: Unable to click the surroundings and the menu.

MuteIM/Unmute IM: The ability to send or receive IM’s.
Avatars that im the captive get the message: “The Resident you messaged is prevented from reading your instant messages at the moment, please try again later.” The captive gets the message: “name avatar: *** IM blocked by your viewer”, so it knows who called and can call back later.

NoNames/Names: The ability to see the names of avatars around.

NoMinimap/Minimap: The ability to see the minimap.

NoMap/Map: The ability to see the map.


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