Picnic tent


Surprise your girlfriend with a long, lazy, and romantic picnic in this charming little put-together tent. It is changeable into 3 different colors and inside is auto-attach and rezzing props like postcards, letters, food, teacups, nonalcoholic wine, and more to entertain you both. Dutchie’s picnic tent comes in 2 versions, PG and adult.

The PG version has 30 picnic, lounge and cuddle animations. The adult picnic tent has all these plus 60 adult animations for 2 women. The adult tent has 5 longer sequences and there are a few more shorter sequences hidden between the animations.

Among the adult couple animations are 10 vibrator animations which each it’s own adjusted auto attach vibrator and 10 animations for a strap-on. (Please note: a strap-on is not included, because I felt this should be adjusted to your shape before use. An unrigged mesh strapon is available in Dutchie’s adult store.)

Adult+ tent: There are 2 adult versions included, one has with an extra animation only accessible to a possible third sitter, a peeping male. The other adult tent does not have a third position and is lower in scripts.

For a good impression of the animations, please watch this video here https://vimeo.com/129193267
or http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/12279/



There are no poseballs, simply rightclick the tent and sit on it.

Change positions by going to the top of the menu and choosing Swap. This way you can reach more of the couple animations that are suitable for solo play as well. Also, in the adult animations, the first sitter has a much more dominant role then the second sitter.

If you lose the menu, click the tent to get it again.



There are several shorter sequences hidden between the animations. You may see your avatar ‘stand up’ for a few seconds, when these are played for the first time. This is because the animations have to load to your cache. After they have loaded for you, you will not see this anymore.

And there are about 10 auto attach and rezzing props like in the blankets. The question for permission to attach these to you, is in some viewers hidden behind the menu window. Please close that if you think you feel a prop is missing. It will automatically detach when you change to another animation.



• Fabric colors: Under the ADJUST menu a button named COLORS gives access to 3 different color options.

• Security: Under the ADJUST menu a button named SECURITY makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose adjustment: Under the ADJUST menu a button named POSE enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

• Facial expressions: Under the ADJUST menu a button named FACES turns facial expressions on or off.

• Sequences: Once a Sequence has been activated, click the SEQUENCE button again to halt the sequence.



If you experience problems, try resetting the scripts:

Right-click the tent and select Edit. Now it should be highlighted in blue and/or yellow. While having the item selected, go to the Build menu at the top bar of your viewer, to Scripts, then Reset Scripts. Or simply delete the bed and rez a new version.

Visit www.dutchie.nl for more information and tips.



• Original mesh
• Materials applied
• 3 color options
• Land impact of 19 prims
• Mod and Copy


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