Mid-century bed


Dutchie’s midcentury bed comes in 3 versions, pg, adult, and adult plus. Each bed is color changeable, with 6 colors for the bedding and 2 for the frame. All have AVsitter experience enabled for true auto-attaching of props. The adult versions are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.



The beds have 5 differently shaped bed covers. These change accordingly to the animations, but there are also 4 decorative options to choose from while the bed is not being used.

You can sleep under the covers solo or as a couple. And for decorative options, you can choose between having the cover folded, made, fallen, or in the laundry.

You can access the menu for the decorative options by right-clicking the bed when you are not on it and choosing ‘Touch’ in the menu.



The adult plus bed has 10 solo, 40 couple and 120 adult couple animations, plus another 10 anal sex and 20 rough sex animations, and 12 long sequences. There are 33 shorter sequences between the animations.

It has 19 rezzing scenes and wearable items, for animations like eating breakfast, watching tv, chocolate, drinks, reading books and newspapers, laptops, chess, having a good cry and much, much more.



Land impact of 20 prims.
100% original mesh.
Mod and copy.

You need 27 prims extra on your land to be able to rez the biggest of the rezzing scenes.



Give the engine and the scripts some time to load, it will take a bit of time. Then sit on the bed and a menu appears. For the couple animations, ladies sit first. If you feel you are in the wrong animations, click the SWAP button in the main menu.

The beds have 5 different shaped bed covers. These work by rezzing and are therefor not linked to the bed.

If you loose a cover during placement of the bed, don’t worry about that. New covers will rez when you start playing with the animations, the color menu or the decorative covers menu.

PLEASE NOTE: This also means, you should sit on the bed frame, pillows or mattress and click on those for the menu, not on the cover.



The shape of the cover while the bed is not being used for animations can be changed by right clicking on it and choosing ‘Touch’ from the menu. Colors, security, facial expressions and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

• Colors: choose between 6 different colors for the bedding and 2 colors for the frame.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

• Faces: turns facial expressions on default avatars on or off.

• Bentoface: turns facial expressions bento mesh heads on or off.



If one of the players is wearing an Aeros or The Physics Cock, this furniture can automatically rotate it to the best position for the played animation.

In order to have it working, you need to change one setting in your Aeros cock.
Touch your Aeros cock to get the menu. If the cock is hidden, show it with the HUD.
Click “Devices” on that menu, then select “Auto” mode.
Make sure that “Level” (also under the “Devices” menu) is set to at least 2.



If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the furniture’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. To enable the experience of fully automatic attaching, AVsitter experience has to be enabled in both the land settings and your own.

Read about the steps below or watch this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gcy403FtAk



1: Go to the World menu in the top bar of your screen, choose About Land, Parcel or Region details, then go to the last tab named Experiences. Click on the Add button for Allowed Experiences, type in AVsitter and add it. If you don’t have the rights to do this, ask your landlord to do it for you.

2: If the Land has the AVsitter experience enabled, the furniture will ask you to allow the experience yourself, when the first prop comes up. Just click yes.



You can reset the scripts by rightclicking the bed, choose edit, then go to the Build menu in the top bar of the viewer, choose scripts, then reset scripts.


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