La Signora Della Pazienza


Maxwell Graf of Rustica was inspired by an Italian Renaissance drawing of a comfortable cage to keep a slave inside of. It was called “La Signora della Pazienza”, the lady of patience. He wanted to make a display cage, both romantic and erotic.

Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie wanted it dark and seedy too. The Second Life BDSM cage now has a menu, written as a story in 9 chapters. The first 5 chapters have 10 animations for 1 woman, the following 3 each have 10 couple animations, the last is a scene for up to 9 avatars.

How it works:

The person inside the cage is offered a choice on who is allowed to control it: owner, group or public. If these options are declined, she alone controls it. Only this person sees all of the menu: 5×10 single animations, 3X10 couple animations and a bukkake scene.

Those around that have been granted control, are offered the 5 single menu’s when they click on the cage. They can do this from anywhere in the room and make the caged person pose for them.

If one of them jumps on the cage, the others in the room loose control of it. He is now offered 3 couple menu’s. 7 others can join for the bukkake scene later by right clicking and sitting on the cage to.


When you rez the cage, give the scripts some time to load, it may take a few minutes.

The cage has is changable into 2 colors wood, cherry and mahogany. The owner can choose between them, by clicking on the cage, when no one is in it.

The utmost care has gone into the creation of this menu, making it as intuitive as possible with as little clicking needed as possible. The whole menu is offered on one page and no animation is ever more then 2 clicks away. Permissions are only asked ones,

For the animations menu, someone has to sit on the cage first. It has no balls.

For 6 animations in the display menu, bars appear. For the 4 hanging animations in display menu, lockmeister cuffs should be worn so particle ropes will go to the hook in the ceiling. A copy and mod set is packed with the cage. The stool moves around the cage during the couple animations for the man to stand on.

The cage also has 6 solo sequences, 3 couple sequences and 1 bukkake sequence. Click the sequence button again to speed to the next animation.

The cage is copy and mod. It is 100 percent mesh.
Prim equivalent of 14 prims including 2 shadows, which can be removed.

Adjusting the animations:

Best is not to adjust the female animations to much. If your avatar is floating above or sinking trough the bottom of the cage, adjust the height of the floor. Making that higher or lower will keep the person in the cage best positioned in relation to the holes and the male avi’s.

Right click on the cage for this, choose Edit, then vink in the box before Edit linked parts, Click on the floor of the cage, and raise, lower, stretch or shrink it on the Z axis.

In case of problems:

You can reset the scripts by right clicking the cage, choose edit, then go to the Build menu in the top bar of the viewer, choose scripts, then reset scripts.

Or take the cage back in inventory and rez it again, this will reset the scripts as well.


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