Gustavian bed MF


second life sex bedPure unadulterated sex, that is this charming, lightly distressed, antique Gustavian Second Life sex bed is designed for new lovers that can’t keep their hands of each other. Nothing more then the absolute best MF couple sex animations in SL: beautiful, expressive, loving, and very realistic, half of them are mocap.

The menu is clear and easy to navigate, and the variety of animations should keep lovers busy for a very long time. It was made as a wedding present for friends.

50 foreplay animations
55 sex animations
5 cuddles
4 sequences
6 colors
mod and copy
land impact of 8 prims



When you rez the bed, give the scripts some time to load, it may take a while, this is a very full engine.

There are no balls, just right click the bed and sit on it, ladies first. You can change positions by going to the top menu and choosing SWAP.

If you lose the menu, click on the base of the bed to get it again.



Colors fabric: Under the ADJUST menu is a button COLORS. Click on this for 6 different colors.

Security: Under the ADJUST menu is a button SECURITY. Click this to make your furniture usable for owner, group or all.

Pose adjustment: Under the ADJUST menu is a button POSE. Click this for discreet real-time adjustment of the poses.

Facial expressions: Also in ADJUST MENU is the button FACES, with turns facial expressions on or off.

Sequences: Click the sequence button again to halt the sequence.


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