3some mattresses


The mattress you whip out for sleepovers: Dutchie’s 3some mattresses.

50 beautiful threesome animations designed especially for either two women and one man or the other way around, all carefully selected for their realism, fun, diversity, and excitement. All animations can be played in a long sequence as well. They follow each other as fluently as possible, the facial expressions are subtle and the easy no-balls system is very low lag.


Just hop on the mattress and the menu appears, ladies sit first. You can change positions by going to the top menu and clicking swap there.

All animations can be played in a long sequence as well. Click the sequence button again to speed to the next animation.

In case of problems:

You can reset the scripts by right-clicking the bed, choosing edit, then going to the build menu in the top bar of the viewer, choose scripts, then reset scripts.

Or take the bed back in inventory and rez it again, this will reset the scripts as well.


The bed is copy and modify, so you can personalize it. Please make a back up first. The scripts and notecards are non mod except for the sequence script, which is copy and modify so you can adjust the times in that if you like.

This means you can unlink the mattress and use it as a invisible 1 prim layer over your bed as well.

With one exception:

If it is placed within the bounding box of another prim, like a sculpted surround sim, you need to keep the sheet and pillows linked to the mattress. They have extra sit target scripts in them.


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