Covered Massage Table


De-stress, relax, and rejuvenate with Dutchie’s massage table, covered in satin and soft towels. The massage table has 130 couple animations, the menu with 50 beautiful massage animations is designed to give you nothing but serenity and happiness, and the adult animations are loving and hot.



The adult massage table has 50 massage animations, 10 cuddles, 40 FP and 30 sex animations. and 8 sequences. All animations have Bento hands and modest facial expressions, and the adult animations are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

45 of the massage animations come with different rezzing modesty towels, 2 with hot stones as well, and there is an oil prop. The modesty towels disappear when clicked on. But there is also a table without the modesty towels included for those with a different shape. The pillow on the massage table appears and disappears with the animations.

The satin skirt of the table can be changed into 6 different colors.



The menu is clear and easy to navigate, each sub-menu has 10 animations that all revolve around the same theme.

• Massage her
• Pamper her
• More for her
• Massage him
• Pamper him
• More for him
• Romance
• FP
• Oral
• Hand & BJs
• Rubbing
• Sex
• More sex
• From behind
• Sequences



• Adult: 50 massages, 10 cuddles, 40 FP + 30 sex animations, 8 sequences + hidden shorter sequences
• 45 modesty towels that disappear when clicked on, also version included without the modesty towels
• Adult animations compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting
• AVsitter experience for auto-attaching props like hot stones and oil
• Bento hands and faces
• 6 colors for the satin skirt
• Land impact of 11 prims
• Mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% Original mesh



Colors, security, facial expressions and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

• Colors: choose between 6 colors for the satin skirt
• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.
• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.
• Faces: turns facial expressions on default avatars on or off.
• Bentoface: turns facial expressions bento mesh heads on or off.



The modesty towels disappear with a mouse-click, and there is an extra table included without the modesty towels, for those with a different shape. But if you would like to adjust the towels to your shape, you can. This requires a fair amount of editing skills, experience and patience, so please make a copy of the table before you begin!


Lay on the table and go to the animation with the towel you would like to modify. Right-click on the towel and stretch it to your liking. Than take the towel you have just modified into your inventory. Do this for all towels you want to adjust, there are 10 different towels in the massage table, 6 for the female and 4 for the male sitter.

When your are done, right-click on the table and choose EDIT. Wait for the content to load. Now find the 10 original his and her towels in the inventory and delete them. When the content is loaded again, drag your newly adjusted towels from your inventory into the massage table.

You may have to adjust the placement of the towels now. Lay on the massage table again, go to the ADJUST menu and click the HELPER button. This will rez pink and blue spikes. Now move the towels to your liking and click SAVE. When you are satisfied click on DUMP, this will make the table spit out all the new positions. Copy all this text.

Right-click on the table again and choose EDIT. Wait for the content to load. Find the AVpos notecard, open it and replace the content with the text with new positions you just got. Save it and wait for the content to load again. From now on the table will the rez the towels you have adjusted yourself.



If one of the players is wearing an Aeros or The Physics Cock, this furniture can automatically rotate it to the best position for the played animation.

Please note: the massage animations don’t have auto-tilts, so if you go from and adult to a massage animation, you might have to tuck it away.

In order to have it working, you need to change one setting in your Aeros cock.
Touch your Aeros cock to get the menu. If the cock is hidden, show it with the HUD.
Click “Devices” on that menu, then select “Auto” mode.
Make sure that “Level” (also under the “Devices” menu) is set to at least 2.



All props in this furniture have AVsitter experience for auto-attaching, this includes rezzing towels, hot stones and an oil prop in the adult version.


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