Dutchie Second Life collar


Dutchie’s Second Life collars have 42 of the very best solo collar animations with Bento hand poses, easy to find in 7 coherent sub-menus of each 6 submissive animations, plus 6 sweet couple D/s animations.

They also include a bound walk, crawl walk, ankle lock, and neck lock. There are 4 different unisex collar models, color changeable in 3 or 6 colors depending on the Second Life collar model.

Second Life Open Collar scripts

Dutchie’s Second Life collars are made with open-source Open Collar scripts, which we modified heavily. We thank all the Second Life creators before us for their great work. More about Open Collar here.

Please note: We took a lot of things out of our Second Life collar menus to make them more user-friendly. If you want all the options the old open-collar scripts offer, this may not be the collar for you.

Get started: Wear and click on your Dutchie Second Life collar

Wear Dutchie’s Second Life collar and click on it for the menu. If you have never played with it before and have not set an owner you are the default owner and can access all parts of the menu.

Sometimes worn visible or invisible items like hair can get in your way, in that case, you can use chat commands.

If the collar is too big or small, right-click on it and choose edit. Choose Stretch within the edit menu and drag the white cubes that appear closer or further away.

Chat commands

You can also use chat commands, by typing these into the local chat line. Many of the menus and submenus can be called by using chat commands of the same name as the menu button.

Local chat is on channel 0. If you don’t want your command to be visible in local chat, first, tell the scripts what channel they will be listening to from now on. For example, channel 1. Do this by typing in local chat: [prefix]channel 1. From that moment on, you can call your menu by typing /1 [prefix]menu. This sends the command to channel 1 instead and you don’t see it in local chat.


Chat commands take the form [prefix] call [value]. The space between prefix, command, and sometimes value is important.

Your default prefix is the first two letters of your user name. Prefixes direct collar commands only to wearers with those two initials, for collars to which you have access.

Suppose your name is Joe Zipcode (joezipcode). To call the menu you would type “jo menu”. If you want to send the command to channel one it will be /1 jo menu.


Using Your Dutchie Second Life Collar: The 6 menus


The lock prevents/allows detaching of the collar. It is available only to collar owners and does not affect collar access. Wearers who have OwnSelf checked or who have not set an owner are owners and can lock or unlock their collars themselves. Owned wearers without OwnSelf checked can lock but cannot unlock their collars if they are using RLV. More on RLV underneath.


Pose: Dutchie’s Second Life collars contain 42 of the very best solo collar animations with bento hand poses, easy to find in 7 coherent submenus of each 6 animations.

Adjust the height of your avatar with the up and down arrows and use the other buttons to navigate through the pose menus.

To make sure all animations work as expected, turn other animations like your AO off, because they may have a higher priority and override them.

Couples: Here you will find 6 sweet couple animations. For 3 of these, we added a reversed version, which can be useful for male wearers with a smaller female owner for example. You can set how long the animations play with the Time button, we advise setting them to 30 seconds or more to give you time to move towards each other.

Please note: the couple animations in a wearable object are very limited: they are very hard to direct, adjust, and time. And even if you succeed, your partner may see you both rotating differently than you. If you want long high-quality couple animations, furniture is a much better choice.

Boundwalk: Overrides your own walk. Great to use in combination with the bound poses.

Crawlwalk: Overrides your own walk. Great to use in combination with the kneeling and pet poses.

Anklelock: Sets your ankles straight so they don’t look overstretched or broken.

AnimLock: makes it so only owners can change or stop your poses.

Necklock: limits your neck movement, really helpful in case of a posture collar.


When set On, this allows anyone to capture the wearer, but the wearer has to give consent.

Risky toggles wearer permission, which means anyone can capture you, without your explicit consent.

Capture On/Off cannot be overridden by the wearer when set by an owner.

The captor can end the capture by pressing Release.


Themes: Choose between 3 to 6 different colors for your collar, depending on the model.

Stealth: Turns your collar visible or invisible.

Bell: Turns on the sound of a bell when the wearer moves.

Follow: Here you can assign which avatar the wearer will follow.

Anchor: Locks the wearer to an object like a post or piece of furniture.

Pass: Allows the passing of the leash to someone else.

Length: To shorten or lengthen the leash.


In the Access menu, you can add Owners, Trusted, or set group or public access.

If you set an owner you lose your default owner access to your collar. If you want to retain owner-level control on your collar, press OwnSelf before adding an owner. Your owner, however, can uncheck that if they choose to.


If you find you must clear an owner, you can do that by pressing the Runaway button in the Access menu, or typing [prefix] runaway. This will wipe the access list and reset all collar functions to default.


RLV means “Restrained Love Viewer”. It is a set of permissions coded into the viewer, that allows other avatars limited control over some viewer functions. There are several approved third-party viewers that allow you to enable/disable RLV. Among the most popular for many users are Firestorm, Restrained Love Viewer, and Singularity.

Clear All: Push Clear All in the RLV menu to clear these restrictions (not available to wearers who are not self-owned).

Exceptions: You can restrict who can set RLV restrictions for you to Owner or Trusted.

Force sit: forces the wearer to sit on a piece of furniture in the vicinity.

Relay: Turning on RLV alone is not enough to enforce any RLV restrictions in world. For that, you need to wear or rez a scripted object called a Relay to invoke those restrictions. Like the relay this collar, has to be turned on. The relay works to “translate” calls from objects you don’t own through the relay, which you do own. It’s a handshake between scripted objects and the RLV permissions in your viewer.

Terminal: opens a text popup window where you can input any RLV restriction, the format being @[nameofrestriction]=[y/n].

Restrictions: OpenCollar uses RLV to enforce the Collar Lock in the Main Menu. The rest of the RLV functions in the collar can be found in the RLV menu.

Possible restrictions:

Send IM’s: Can block the wearer’s ability to send IMs.

Read IM’s: Can block the wearer’s ability to receive IMs.

Hear: Blocks the wearer’s ability to hear.

Talk: Blocks the wearer’s ability to talk.

Touch: Unable to click the surroundings and the menu.

Stray: The ability to stray is restricted

Rummage: The wearer cannot access their inventory.

Dress: Restricts the wearer’s ability to get dressed or undressed.

Dazzle: Restricts the vision of the wearer.

Daze: makes the names of all avatars in the vicinity unrecognizable.


Safety: escaping uncomfortable situations by relogging

Having RLV turned on in combination with wearing a relay like this collar, permits others or traps to control your avatar. Others can force you to do things, like sit on objects and hold you captive there. If you remove the relay, no one can force you to do anything. You decide when you would like to give control away.

One of the most basic safety features about RLV is your ability to turn it off and on in the viewer. Any RLV restriction can be cleared by turning off RLV and relogging; or logging on in the official SL Viewer.


Changing the color of your Dutchie Second Life collar

You can change the color of your collar by clicking on the Themes button in the Settings menu. Choose between 3 to 6 different colors, depending on the model. If you want to tint one of the leather collars, choose the white leather. Then click on the color, choose Edit and Select Face. You can now tint the leather separately under the Texture tab.


Using our animations and modified scripting with your own Second Life collar

If you have a Second Life collar that you prefer over our designs, and you have some experience in editing in Second Life, it’s possible to replace our model with your own, provided your collar is modifiable.

Clean your own model of all content for this and rename it to “Dutchie Collar”.  Also, add the description “DutchieCollar“.  

Then unlink our model from the invisible parts, open it, and take out the oc_dialog script inside. Put that in your own collar.

You can now link it to the invisible parts instead of our model.

Freyja Nemeth of Otherwordly made a video tutorial of the collar and its functions.

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