Femdom chaise lounge


Comfortable large-scale French early 20th-century chaise lounge in original, slightly torn muslin upholstery. It is color changeable in 6 different combinations and comes in 2 versions, pg, and adult.

The adult version of this chaise lounge has 50 couple animations for Second Life femdom roleplay between a female dominatrix and a male submissive, femdom from a female point of view.

There is 1 rezzing scene and a few temp attach wearable items. PLEASE NOTE: the question to accept the wearables may be hidden under the menu popup. There are also 4 sequences (plus a few shorter ones hidden between the animations).

100% original mesh.
Land impact of 8 prims.
Materials enabled.
Mod and copy.



Colors: Under the ADJUST menu is a button COLORS. Click on this for 6 different color combinations.

Security: Under the ADJUST menu is a button SECURITY. Click this to make your furniture usable for owner, group or all.

Pose adjustment: Under the ADJUST menu is a button POSE. Click this for discreet real time adjustment of the poses.

Sequences: Click the sequence button again to halt the sequence.



RESET SCRIPTS: You can reset the scripts by right clicking the rings, choose edit, then go to the Build menu in the top bar of the viewer, choose scripts, then reset scripts.

Or delete this version and rez a new one.


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