Antique sink consoles


This antique Second Life sink console in color-changeable distressed wood is topped with thick marble and combines vintage charm with modern-day functionality.

The console holds 11 single animations like brushing teeth, putting on lipstick, brushing hair, shaving, aftershave, washing, and more.

It holds 5 temp-attach wearable items: a hairbrush, toothbrush, razor, aftershave, and lipstick. The console will offer these when you come to the right animation.

The question for permission to attach these to you is in some viewers hidden behind the menu window. Please close that if you think you feel a prop is missing. It will automatically detach when you change to another animation.

The wood can be changed in 6 different colors. The button for this is under the ADJUST menu. The sound of the water can be changed in 6 different sounds and in volume, also under the ADJUST menu.

The sink is all mesh, has baked shadows and custom textures, and very low prim, the pe of only 6.

Mod and Copy.


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