Second Life Decor Antique Ornate Mirror

Dutchie’s superbly crafted French antique ornate gilded mirrors, dating back to around 1850, are the epitome of sophistication. With their original glass and exquisite gilt-wood frames adorned with a captivating shell crest, scrolls, and flowers, they add a touch of grandeur to any Second Life space.

Whether you’re designing a luxurious mansion, a vintage-inspired setting, or a regal ballroom, these mirrors will transport you to a bygone era of opulence and refinement.

The mirror frame is color-changeable, offering you the freedom to match it to your desired aesthetic. Access the color-change menu with a simple click and explore six different frame colors.

The package includes 2 versions of the mirror: a leaning version and a wall-mounted version. The mirror is designed to complement Dutchie’s clawfoot bathtub.

In short

• 6 colors for the frame
• 2 versions, one leaning and one for on a wall
• Land impact of 2 or 3 prims, depending on size
• Mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% original mesh

Matching Bathroom Set

This sink vanity matches our newest bathroom set. Other parts of the set are: