Second Life Decor 6 Cafe Etches & Drawings

Dutchie’s set of 6 drawings and etches capture the charm of European café life. Whether you’re designing a cozy café, an art gallery, or a stylish home, these café etches and drawings add a touch of sophistication and allure to your Second Life space.

The drawings and paintings are: At the Cafe and Lady in a Cafe by Lucien Pissarro, Portrait of Aristide Bruant and Portrait of Comedian Caudieux by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, In the Cafe by Jac van Looij and Two women drinking Absint by Edouard Crebassa.

The basis for this artwork is part of the Rijksmuseum collection.

The artwork comes in simple metal frames, hanging from a nail in the wall. In the set are the 6 etches separately and one linked set. Each etch has the land impact of 1 prim. Linked together the Li goes down to 3 prims.