Second Life Houses Red Brick Residential Building

Dutchie’s red brick cafe, residential, and store buildings are houses with 3 floors and traditional Dutch gables or facades. They can be used as commercial or residential buildings and are suitable as standalone houses, but can also form a row of terraced houses.

Dutchie’s red-brick residential building has a footprint of 15.35 by 8.65 meters and a land impact of 94 prims.

Teleporters in the stairs

The little traditional houses are built as close to realistic size as possible, which makes stairs and ladders hard to navigate. We added 4 teleporters for moving from floor to floor instead, which can be set to usable for owner, group, or everyone by right-clicking on them. The ladder to the attic opens when you teleport upstairs and is tucked away on the attic when you tp down again.

Click to teleport on:

1 the bottom of the stairs on the 1st floor
2 the big step on the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor
3 the hatch to the attic
4 the frame around the ladder in the attic floor

The doors and windows can be set to owner, group, everyone, or a list of names, and can be upgraded for roleplay options.

The house is mod and copy, 100% original mesh with custom textures, baked shadows, and materials applied.

Optional terraces

Included are 2 optional terraces made of big concrete tiles, one with traditional little poles that look great in front of the house.

Terrace with poles: LI of 8 prims
Empty terrace: LI of 5 prims

Extra house without side windows

Included is a version of the house without side windows, which makes it possible to use it in a row of terrace houses. Dutchie made 2 other red brick buildings that can be used in combination with this one.

This version is also lower prim, at only 92 LI.

3 versions, standalone or terraced

There are 3 versions of Dutchie’s red brick houses and they are made so they can be used as terraced houses as well: