INM & Dutchie Second Life sex furniture

What is It’s Not Mine or INM in Second Life

It’s Not Mine is a wearable layer that covers various parts of the Second Life avatar body, such as the face, chest, crotch, and butt. When you wear it, it starts as invisible, and when someone with a compatible Second Life penis like The Physics Cock near you orgasms, they are presented with a menu to select the area on your body where the cum should be displayed.

Wearing INM is not necessary for playing on Second Life sex furniture, but it can add a whole new level of immersion and connection.

How to wash INM off

You cannot remove the INM sperm layer without either getting into Second Life system water for a while or using Second Life designs that have the INM  cleanup function, like for example Dutchie’s walk-in shower, to clean it off.

If you are wearing It’s Not Mine, all solo and couple washing animations in several of Dutchie’s Second Life sex furniture designs will clean the It’s Not Mine cum it off in about 20 seconds.

Dutchie INM compatible Second Life sex furniture

Dutchie has several Second Life sex furniture designs that can wash the INM sperm of your avatar:

• Walk-in sex shower

• Clawfoot sex bathtub

• Outdoor sex shower

• Wash bucket


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