Second Life Living Room Writing desk with Typewriter

Dutchie’s sturdy writing desk with typewriter and accessories is the perfect desk for Second Life’s poets, writers, and journalists. It was inspired by Your Story, My Story, a novel based on the story of literary icons Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes by dutch author Connie Palmen. The text in the typewriter is the first paragraph of this book.

The set consists of a solid oak Dutch art nouveau arts & crafts desk with brass handles and leather writing section, an English Edwardian oak revolving armchair from around 1910, a vintage mid-century Italian typewriter, a mug with pens, and 2 stacks of A4 paper.

Bento typing and relaxing

The desk has 18 beautiful, fun and realistic Bento typing, relaxing solo desk animations, and 2 sequences, all with Bento hands.

There are 6 rezzing and automatically handheld props.

Color-changeable leather and typewriter

The leather on the chair and desk can be changed into red, green, or gray, in 9 color combinations.

The typewriter can be changed into 6 different metal colors.



Blank paper for adding your own text

Included is a full permissions blank texture for the piece of paper in the typewriter, so you can add your own text in a program like Photoshop and drag it from your inventory to the texture of the paper in the typewriter.

Make sure you have an untouched copy of the desk in your inventory before you start modifying it please.


Under the Adjust menu colors, security, and poses can be adjusted.

• Colors: choose between 3 colors for the leather and 6 for the typewriter.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.


• Land impact: 11 prims
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

Office decor

The vintage mid-century typewriter is also available separately as an office decor item. So are the stacks of A4 paper, the mug with pens and pencils, and the dictionary and thesaurus.