Second Life Bathroom Vintage Toilet

Dutchie’s vintage toilet, of around the 1930s or ’40s, is in good condition with almost no visible damage like chips, crazing, or discoloration at all. It includes a porcelain bowl, tank, chain, and oak lid, plus a toilet paper holder.

The toilet has room for 1 sitter and has 3 female and 3 male animations. It has AV-sitter experience enabled for auto-attaching newspapers.

All animations have Bento hand poses and animations and it’s compatible with Aeros and the Physics C. for automatic tilting.

The toilet auto-flushes with a flushing sound when the sitter stands up.

Features of the Second Life toilet

• 3 female and 3 male animations, 1 prop
• Auto-flushes when you stand up
• Bento hand animations and poses
• AV-sitter experience for auto-attaching newspaper props
• Aeros and the Physics C. compatible for automatic tilting
• Land impact of 3 prims for the toilet and 1 for the toilet paper holder
• Mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% original mesh

Customer reviews of the Second Life toilet

Great for tight spaces. Love the newspaper prop.


Luv it. I love it, worth the price.


Very nice. Brilliant.


Great addition to my bathroom. Every part of this piece is such high quality, it’s hard to know where to start. The design so beautifully done both the shape and textures, it looks fantastic, the menu very cute. Redoing my whole bathroom with Dutchie.

Geronimo Cuttita

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