Second Life Specials Ironing board

Dance away your chores on Dutchie’s fantastic ironing board. Complete with iron and blue dress, the ironing board has one pose and six animations, four of which are MoCap dance animations.

Extra Information

There is one short sequence of 3 dances. You must watch the video below to appreciate fully the sexiness of this ironing board!

The ironing board hands out and iron when you come to the right animation.


Please watch The maid and more on Dutchie’s YouTube channel

Customer reviews of the Second Life ironing board

Another amazing item. I think this creator has THE most realistic builds in all of SL. I am making a retro dance set and this item is a beautiful addition to it. Wonderfully detailed and looks SO REAL, with great animations!!

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl

Surprise your house guests! Don’t like ironing in RL? I don’t, but I love this SL ironing board. When I first saw it in the Dutchie adult store, I wondered what it did, but the animation is fun and amusing. You can entertain your visitors with your burlesque ironing routine. Playful and funny in ordinary everyday clothes, and infinitely more flirty in a maid’s outfit. Enjoy!


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