Second Life Living Room Club chairs

Hide from the winter cold in the warmest, most inviting room in the house, curled up in your favorite Second Life club chairs, surrounded by hundreds of books. Reread your favorite novels while gently swirling the delicious wine in your glass and watch the flames dance in the cozy iron cast fireplace.

PG Second Life Club Chairs

The mesh Moustache club chair and the Wingback chair come in two versions, PG or adult with femdom and maledom BDSM animations, and are the P.E. of 5 prims.

The PG versions each have ten female and ten male animations and three wearable items.

Femdom and Maledom BDSM chairs

Dutchie’s Second Life femdom and maledom BDSM chairs each have 10 single, 80 couple animations, and 4 sequences for BDSM roleplay, to dominate, humiliate and enjoy, thoroughly.

You can buy the adult chairs as a package or the femdom and maledom chairs separately. 

What customers say about the Second Life Club Chairs

Too lovely. Wonderful for the study, library, office, or living/bedroom. So elegant.


Outstanding. These chairs are amazing don’t be fooled by cheap knock off’s, if it’s not a Dutchie you have been robbed!


Fabulous. We did a library/study in our magnificent house my husband built for us, and boy this set is amazing! The poses are classic, and well if you need a library, get the entire Dutchie set. It’s great.

Gabrielle Somersley

The following reviews are of the Adult versions of the chairs:

Perfect! Matches with so many of my homes, awesome animations too. Had to get both!

Ziekling Bunnyhug

Simply amazing! Great textures, unique solo and couple animations only 5 prims / chair, no pose balls. Access open for owner only, for group only or for everyone. Really worth for every penny. Highly recommended…

LoveAngeL Lyre

The beginning, of my newest festish…….The Dutchie Fetish. These are the very best dom/domme chairs… I love being cuddled in my daddy’s lap, or curled at his feet. No balls to find and sit on… just the most natural animations ever. I bought the teak BDSM canopy bed too…………..WoWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!