Modifying your Second Life furniture to fit your avatar size

Second Life avatars differ greatly in shape and size and no furniture designer or animator can make their work fit them all. We try to accommodate as many sizes as we can by keeping our models a little taller but close to the default Second Life avatars, but please try our furniture at Dutchie Furniture or Dutchie adult before you buy, to make sure they work for you.

That is because all Second Life animations are centered around the hips.  Parts furthest away from this center like arms, head, and feet, will deviate the most and those deviations will be especially noticeable if your avatar is very tall or short. And if your avatar is much taller or smaller then most, you will probably have the most trouble on engines with standing animations, and less with designs on which you lay or sit.

All Dutchie’s Second Life furniture is modifiable, so you can resize it, or parts of it. You can even make our designs invisible and lay them over other furniture to benefit from our animation menus.

If you have questions about whether or not a certain design can be modified enough to fit your wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice before purchasing.