Animated toilet


Dutchie’s vintage Second Life toilet, of around the ’30s or ’40s, is in good condition with almost no visible damage like chips, crazing, or discoloration at all.

It includes a porcelain bowl, tank, chain, oak lid, and toilet paper holder.


Turn all other animations like your AO and your Bento hands AO off so they don’t override any of the animations inside the bed.

To make sure your legs look their beds and the ankles don’t ‘break’ or bend unnaturally during the animations, wear an ankle lock. Most mesh body huds have one, but there is also a free ankle lock available at Dutchie.

TURN THE ANKLE LOCK ON AFTER SITTING ON THE BED. Turn it off and on again to make sure it is overriding the animations.



If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the furniture’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. To enable the experience of fully automatic attaching, AVsitter experience has to be enabled in both the land settings and your own.

If the land has the AVsitter experience enabled, the furniture will ask you to allow the experience yourself, when the first prop comes up. Just click yes.

Watch this tutorial video for more info:



If one of the players is wearing an Aeros or The Physics Cock, this furniture can automatically rotate it to the best position for the played animation. The Physics cock should work automatically, and in order to have the Aeros working, you might need to change one setting in it:

Touch your Aeros penis to get the menu. If the penis is hidden, show it with the HUD.
Click “Devices” on that menu, then select “Auto” mode.
Make sure that “Level” (also under the “Devices” menu) is set to at least 2.



• Land impact of 3 prims for the toilet and 1 for the toilet paper holder
• 100% original mesh.
• Mod and copy.


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