Changing and Saving positions in AV-sitter furniture


AVsitter is a system of Second Life scripts that allows you to create Second Life furniture with perfectly positioned poses without pose balls. Creator Code Violet made the AVsitter system available as an open-sourced product in 2017.

Unofficial AVsitter Support Group

We also highly recommend joining the “Unofficial AVsitter Support Group” inside Second Life, where other creators like us share knowledge and help newcomers with tips and advice. If you copy and paste this link underneath here in open chat while inside Second Life, a link to the group will pop up:


AVsitter 1 and 2

There are 2 versions of the AVsitter system, 1 and the more advanced version 2. Dutchie uses the AVsitter scripts for all our animated Second Life furniture, and most of Dutchie’s furniture uses AVsitter2. Check your version by sitting on the furniture, the version number will appear in the animation menu in the right upper corner of your viewer.

Easy real-time adjusting and saving animations

In all versions of AVsitter, end-users can edit and save personal positions via the [ADJUST] menu using the X, Y, and Z buttons. The system can remember a large number of these personal positions and when memory is full, the script will drop the least used personal positions.

This method is very unintrusive and easy to use during play, as it is almost unnoticeable to other players.

AVadjuster script and AVhelper object

If you have an AVsitter2 design, you can customize your item with your own custom positions and save them for all users of your furniture. To do this you need an AVadjuster script and AVhelper object inside the design

The AVadjuster script and AVhelper object allow the end user to rez helper sticks by choosing ADJUST, then HELPER. From there they can SAVE new pose positions and reposition props for all users. Changes saved with the helpers will remain until the script is manually reset, and rezzing from inventory won’t reset the scripts. Only the furniture owner can rez the helpers and save the changes.

Dutchie does not leave this AVadjuster script and AVhelper object in our designs by default, because the normal adjusting is enough for the majority of users, and accidentally rezzing the helper sticks can be very disruptive to your play. But if you need them, contact us and we will send them to you.

How to save your own positions in AVsitter2 for all users

Please make a copy of your furniture before you begin editing!

1. Right-click on your animated Dutchie Second Life and choose EDIT. Go to the Content tab and wait for the content to load. Now drag the AVadjuster script and AVhelper object from your inventory into the furniture and wait for the content to load again.

2. Sit on the furniture to bring up the animation menu. The first screen should say AVsitter2.

3. Click on ADJUST and then on HELPER. You will see 1 or more new objects appear, depending on how many avatars the furniture is designed for.  Selecting and moving these Helper sticks will move your avatar to the desired position. When done, click SAVE on the animation menu. Choose the next animation you wish to adjust, and then move the Helper stick to the desired position. When done, click SAVE. Repeat these steps until all animations have had new positions saved.

4. If you wish to change the positions for animations in additional seats, use the SWAP button to switch to a new seat. Or ask a friend to help, changing synced couples animations is easier when another avatar is also sitting on the furniture. You will be able to move both HELPER sticks with both sitters.

5. When all desired animations have their new positions saved, you will need to dump the positions out of script memory and put them into the AVpos notecard inside the furniture. Click on DUMP in the animation menu. This will read the appropriate notecard text into open chat. At the end of the text, it will also give a link to an external website that will have the same text. You can choose to copy the text from open chat, or from this website page.

6. Paste the text in the AVpos notecard, replacing all of the existing text in the notecard with this new text. Save the notecard and wait for the engine to load again. The AVsitter scripts should read the notecard and show loading progress and will alert you when it is fully loaded and ready to use.