Second life Outdoor Street Lantern

Dutchie’s animated mesh street lantern comes in 2 versions, pg and adult. The pg version has 9 cute couple animations, from flirting to arguing to making up. The adult version has 40 couple animations for hooker and customer roleplay.

PG or adult Animations

The PG version has 9 cute couple animations from flirting to arguing to making up. Some of the animations can be played solo as well.

The adult version holds 40 couple animations and 2 sequences, a long one and a quickie, and gives out one wearable item. All animations in this street lantern can be played in a sequence as well. The adult menu can be made accessible to the owner, group or all.

Light can be turned on or off

The light turns on automatically when sl night falls over your sim, but it can be turned on and off manually by clicking on the glass. There are 3 stages, off, soft light, and bright light. 

The lantern is copy and mod. It is 100 percent mesh. Land impact of 3 prims.