Second Life Houses Skybox The Hague

Pied-à-terre The Hague was build around 1910, very well preserved with high ceilings and original features like build in closets and cute small balconies. Bathing in sunlight, it is your home away from home, where you stay during the week to be close to work, for when you go out in the city, where you come to be alone and relax or have a secret rendezvous.


Pied-à-terre The Hague is 119 prims unfurnished, it is 15 by 35 meters and has an optional city nightsky of 50 by 50 meters.

Each set of doors opens and closes with a leftmouseclick on one of them. The lightfall on the floors changes accordingly. The sunbeams add a bit of magic to your home. The lightfall on the floor and the sunbeams can be removed, in cause you live in a shadow enabled viewer.

Click on the switch next to the door for a city nightsky around the skybox. Or keep it invisible if you want to enjoy Second Life’s skies.

The skybox comes in a rezzer for easy positioning. The skybox is mod and copy.