Second Life Specials Yoga Mat with Yoga Sessions

Unwind, clear your mind and focus on this mesh Second Life yoga mat, available in soft pastel wool with white fringes. The yoga mats have three long relaxing yoga sequences: beginner, advanced and extended session, 4,5 minutes, 7,5 minutes and 12 minutes long.

 Available in 3 colors: sand, pink and blue, also as fat pack containing all three colors.


There are 11 relaxing animations like meditation and stretching, and 35 yoga poses:

  • Beginner, 4,5-minute sequence

  • Advanced, 7,5-minute sequence

  • Long session, 12-minute sequence

  • Relax, 11 greet, meditate, stretch and relax animations

  • Poses, 35 yoga poses

Extra Information

The sequences are not perfect because the animations are not perfect. There are places where they jump a little, and the Z axis is not entirely consistent, so you end up floating a bit sometimes. But the animations have been carefully positioned to follow each other as smooth as possible. For adjusting the height of all the animations together, easiest is to stretch the yoga mat in height. I created a large, invisible part underneath for that.



Customer reviews of the Second Life Yoga Mat

Fantastic design. One of the most entertaining products in sl! stunning animations!


Wow. Impressive.


Love it! Absolutely love this Yoga mat! it pairs well with an ocean view and tranquil music. I sit two out one for myself and hubby. Purchase this item you’ll love how it relaxes you.


Awesome Yoga mat. So realistic anims and comes with avatar height adjust mode.
Love it! Part of my reason for being in SL is to relax, and this mat is perfect for me to just watch my avatar go through all the poses, actually helps me to relax in RL as well)) Very well done!
Perfect! Very nice yoga mat with great animations. Works perfect in my studio. Love it!
Sakki Salubria
Inspiring. this is poetry in motion. Thrilled with it: smooth, quality, slowwwwwwwwww animations and transitions. very natural looking, no awkward poses, no weird morphs at the waist etc., no lurching or snapping to next pose, nothing cheesy. And the sequences just what I wanted-wanted long, varied, and attractive. Yay!
Kyrie Deka
Good as the whole shop. 5 stars, there is not much to say else about a wonderful product.
Animations great… mat looks good too. Good job on this.