Second Life Bathroom Vintage Wash stands

Two single washstands that combine classic elegance with modern-day comfort, with mirrors, glass holders, soap holders, and towels. Each has slightly different details; one mirror is tilted, they have different towels, and one has a toothbrush. 

Extra Information

Each washstand has 20 single animations, 10 for female, 10 for male avatars, like brushing teeth, putting on lipstick, and mascara, brushing hair, soap, shaving, aftershave, washing, and more. They give out temp attach nine wearable items like a hairbrush, toothbrush, razor, aftershave, shaving cream, and lipstick. The washstand will offer these when you come to the right animation. They will automatically detach when you change to another animation.

The sound of the water can be changed to six different sounds and volume, under the ADJUST menu. The washstands are unlinked, and each is perfectly good solo. Each is the pe of only 7 prims, the whole set together 14 prims. The mirrors, water glasses, soap holders, toothbrush,es and towels can be unlinked.

Please note: the shaving cream on the male models face is not included.

Customer reviews for the Second Life vintage wash stands

I have heaps of furniture, always good quality well constructed and l look fantastic. Customer service when I lot and item was fantastic and quick. Well worth the L$ spent.


Exquisite. An excellent choice for creating your dream bathroom. Such beautiful detail, really an exquisite design. And the poses are great fun, the wearables as perfect as the washstands themselves. Highly recommended.

Michael Dereham

GREAT! I absolutely love it! Thank you sooo much Dutchie 🙂


Low prim, excellent quality! I am so glad I bought these sinks!

 Sophia Krell